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Is it safe to downgrade and install CFW?

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Is it safe to downgrade and install CFW?

Post by skyhot004 »

So apparently I heard about downgrade and stuff
I found out that I could downgrade my console with E3 Flasher

But then I found out about console ID ban
If you hack it once and even without internet connection
You will get banned if you go back to OFW
Because PS3 will secretly take your console hack information
Can anyone confirm that?

I'm going to play a bit with CFW then go back to OFW
Unless there's 100% safe way to fool proof that I will not be banned when I'm going online with CFW then I will stick with OFW

Other than that if it safe to install CFW then what CFW should I install?
My PS3 is CECH 2501A btw
...................Yeah i got nothing to say here
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