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Tried To Make A Working Backup - Got really far

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Tried To Make A Working Backup - Got really far

Post by MooMooMan »

Nobody is really talking about piracy and the stuff alike. Most people say "I only back up my games", which is a complete lie, the majority of users here want to pirate, whether they admit it or not. But this thread really isn't about pirating, this is about an actual backup. I have a cartridge of "Call of Duty Black Ops : Declassified" and despite what people say about the game, I like it. Obviously you can't just dump the cartridge to the memory card and play it - but doing that actually brings you really close.

Today I dumped my cartridge to the ux0:app/GAMEID area and rebuilt the database. Upon reboot I was greeted with a strange message, one I haven't ever seen before because I don't own a virtual and physical copy of the same game. The message was along the lines "You have 2 copies Call of Duty Black Ops : Declassified already installed on your system, would you like to delete the game from the memory card to save space?"
Obviously I picked no, because I wanted to see if the game would run. I tapped no and went to the game and tried to open it. An error message saying "Please reinstall this game from the PS Store" popped up and that's as far as I got. Pretty neat though! I mostly tricked my Vita, up until I tried to run it!

I wonder, could I use some files from a game I have a virtual copy of to fool my Vita into thinking I own the virtual copy of blackops? I noticed that the folder structure of cartridges and virtual copies are slightly different and that's what I think is stopping me.

Anyone got any ideas? I feel like I'm really close!

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