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Tinkering around with the files on the PSVita

Open discussions on programming specifically for the PS Vita.
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Tinkering around with the files on the PSVita

Post by EchoDev »

Hello everyone,

Soon the new release by mr. gas and major_tom will be released to public. This means people will be able to read, write and do lots of other stuff on their PS Vita.

If you read between the lines in the article you can already start messing around with reading and writing.
I took some time to do some tests with the id.dat on the Vita.

First thing I did was reading out the id.dat, the file came out in the expected format (

I tried changing SVR (Firmware) value to try and circumvent the PSN Store FW check. Ofcourse this didn't work. The Vita noticed that the Firmware version in the id.dat had changed and didn't match the firmware of the device (3.36 vs 3.52). It forced me to do a format on the memory card of the Vita.

This is where things get interesting. I tried using my old QCMA backups to restore it on my Vita but the Vita didn't seem to accept it. So I re-extracted the id.dat and the information had been changed.

So what I did was using my old id.dat (which I had backuped) and wrote the old id.dat back to my Vita and surprise surprise...The Vita seemed to accept my old backups again.

Seems like editting, writing and deleting the id.dat doesn't damage the Vita too much as long as you keep a backup of your old id.dat :lol:

Since I don't have a second Vita my testing will be limited but the next files I will be messing around will be a few DB files on the Vita (app.db and messages.db)
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