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First Vita Savedata Decryption

Open discussions on programming specifically for the PS Vita.
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Re: First Vita Savedata Decryption

Post by Hykem »

mr.gas wrote:it is very helpful .. thanks.
No problem. :)
Great job, as always by the way, it's great to see progress on the native side of the Vita.
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Re: First Vita Savedata Decryption

Post by boughtavita »

Hykem wrote: No. This method doesn't involve knowing the algorithm.
Instead, it allows to intercept the destination to where decrypted SAVEDATA is stored in the Vita.

Re-encryption will not be as trivial as some users think because Sony actually learned with past mistakes.
In the files that mr.gas provided you can see that save game data now enforces 4 kinds of encryption/verification:
- sce_pfs: The Vita's file system itself has a protection layer;
- clearsign: This is a key (header of the file is "pfsSKKey", just like in the PS4's save data files) that is used by the protected file system to verify/encrypt/decrypt contents (presumably, in a per block basis);
- ICV: The save game files have individual integrity check value files (or checksums) that are kept and controlled in a database;
- keystone: This key is involved in PKG encryption/decryption/verification and it's highly likely to be used in the first encryption of a save game file.
Wish I could thank/+1/like your post - really interesting information there, thanks for that!
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Re: First Vita Savedata Decryption

Post by Fadi5555 »

Please can anyone upload the file of FFX HD save data
Because the Dropbox link is down.
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Re: First Vita Savedata Decryption

Post by MrFwibbles »

Forgot I had this. Here you go:

All credit goes to Mr. gas, of course. I have nothing to do with the file.
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