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[Release] forcelang - application language override plugin

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[Release] forcelang - application language override plugin

Post by xdaniel »

Hey there, new to writing Vita homebrew (or trying to!) and wondering if there's any interest in my first little attempt at making something useful for the system. The result is a taiHEN plugin called "forcelang", meant to allow overriding an application's choice of language if it's queried by sceAppUtilSystemParamGetInt(SCE_SYSTEM_PARAM_ID_LANG, ...), i.e. if it's based on your Vita's language setting.

My main reason for making this was Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth's lack of language selection. One of the later patches to the game added a German localization, I'm German hence my Vita's set to that language, but I don't like some aspects of the localization, like move names. I wanted to run the game in English again without having to change my system's overall language, so, I looked around regarding how the game might be determining what language to run in, found mention of the aformentioned function online, and got to experimenting.

The result is, well, this plugin! When added to an application's section in your config.txt, forcelang will look for (or if necessary, create) a small configuration file on the Vita, named after the title's ID, containing a single number corresponding to the SceSystemParamLang enum, and hook the sceAppUtilSystemParamGetInt function to have it respond with the language ID read from the config file, when queried for the system language.

More details - requirements, installation instructions, configuration, etc. -, a download with a first build - working but not heavily tested - and the source code can be found at GitHub:

Hope this is useful to someone, and I'd like to hear your feedback about it!
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