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Favorite Lamecraft version?

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Favorite Lamecraft version?

Post by Harakiri_Robot12 »

Well Lamecraft mods and ports have been around for a while, and now I'm just curious on the one's you guys like.
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Re: Favorite Lamecraft version?

Post by >forces< »

the one i like is the one that get me a warning leve 1
you know what i mean

p.s i didnt name it i dont want to get another warning
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Re: Favorite Lamecraft version?

Post by eGuru »

I would definitely say that I like S4inexcraft BETTER than Lamecraft OP-30, simply for the fact that there are more blocks and features. However, S4inexcraft has a LOT more bugs that OP-30 (probably because it's more complex). I think that S4inexcraft is the future of Lamecraft, besides Multicraft (which is basically dead right now) ;)
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Re: Favorite Lamecraft version?

Post by ZeroSkys »

The one that works on 2.12
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Re: Favorite Lamecraft version?

Post by seba!!!gshi »

Orginal lamecraft is the best :)
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