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Thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda two years after its initial launch

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Thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda two years after its initial launch

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Recently I bought ME:A on eBay after initially refraining from playing it due to the poor reviews and general memeing of the game. The Mass Effect trilogy is one of my favourite series of all time so I didn't want my impression of the series to be spoiled by a seemingly lackluster entry.

However, I saw it for £3 on eBay so I went ahead and got it. At worst I wasted £3, at best I would love a game everyone else seems to hate.

I won't get into story spoilers here as I appreciate that not many may have finished, or even played the game yet.

At first I found the opening to be boring compared to that of first ME game. Waking up on a ship after a long sleep is not the same as the attack on Eden Prime and the discovery of what happened to its inhabitants. However, this and the beginning tutorial mission is a bit of a necessity considering the story being told.

However, after this start and the initial contact with the nexus, I found the story and setting to be quite engaging. Seeing the Nexus in turmoil after skirmishes with the Kett and the lack of word from other pathfinders and the political minefield present between the council of leaders. You really get the feeling that the situation is so dire that all that could have been done is to try and keep the Nexus together to prolong what was inevitably either death by starvation, infighting, or the encroaching force of a superior race of galactic colonisers.

Visually, the game environments are stunning. The animations have also been improved quite a bit from what I saw from the initial launch. No more clown makeup and I would say the emotional range of most named characters was broadly on par with what we have seen historically from. Bioware. Although, it doesn't reach the same peaks as some of the best characters from DA:O or ME2 regarding facial animations.
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