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I can't get PSPSDK installed on Linux

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I can't get PSPSDK installed on Linux

Post by Nigan »

Hello everyone,,
Could someone point me in the proper direction.

I'm trying to install the PSPSDK on Linux Mint 11. I followed the instructions on the learn programming thread. downloading is fine, navigating to the download folder is fine, then I type in the command to install, as per the guide. The installation halts immediately saying that I do not have a supported processor type, it reports that I need either an i386 or AMD64 type and the system is returning that I have an i686 type ? I've never seen this before, been using linux for a couple of years now.mobdro lucky patcher kodi

I've searched everywhere I can think of but can't find anything related to this at all.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: I can't get PSPSDK installed on Linux

Post by OPL3ChipFan »

This one?
Maybe you could start here:
Ubuntu is recommanded.
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