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Huffman Decompression/Compression

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Huffman Decompression/Compression

Post by Juninfs »

Hi all, i'm looking for a way to decompress a .bin file that is compressed in huffman for my translation project of the Tag Force Series to the portuguese language.
I already googled for some solutions but I haven't find anything. I just know the very very basic of programming, so I don't know what to do :(
It is the same problem that Omarrrio had when he was translating Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force 6, but since he just dissapeared from the internet, I can't find any solutions other than ask for help here :)
CARD_Desc_J.bin is the compressed file, btw the CARD_Huff_J.bin is the file who decompress the texts inside the game, I don't know if it will help
Pls I just wanna finish my translation :cry:
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Re: Huffman Decompression/Compression

Post by NNNRT »

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