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fake microsoft help calling homes with fake issues

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:32 pm
by jd20dog
as a stranded in the usa, Microsoft can not contact you directly without you asking them to do so with ether a call or message to Microsoft support .
or as Microsoft says this "nether Microsoft and/or it partners can contact users unsolicited"

ALSO Microsoft owns symatic(nortans security) and windows defender, and will tell you to use these or directly how to remove the virus for free if you prefer

as some of you may have seen around the internet
groups claiming to be some part Microsoft help services have been calling people and telling them they have a virus on they're computer

they tend to represent them selves as part of these Microsoft groups::
Windows Helpdesk,
Windows Service Center,
Microsoft Tech Support,
Microsoft Support,
Windows Technical Department Support Group,
Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R & D Team)
and a lot more

they usually have an Indian accent and can be male or female
they often have no information beyond your computer has a virus, no info on your os or anything else, and will have you look at your computers event viewer(witch will always have errors listed in it,even from normal operation, like when browser crashes to every time you typed a password wrong and other small normal bugs from the os that don't effect anything) and try to get you exited and panicked when there are more yellow triangles then the the 1-3 that they were supposedly contacting you for,(trust me, it would be much more unusual for you not to have more then 3 of these yellow triangles) and have you google files to install so that they can control your computer from remote to fix the issue

so to help you guys understand whats going on with these fake calls, here is a video of a senior security researcher from Malwarebytes playing along with them

my mother was lucky i stopped her before these [spoiler]faggots[/spoiler] got her to install the remote access files today

i was not around for the beginning of the call but realized what was happening when they needed files to be installed to allow remote access to her laptop as the real Microsoft support has remote access to xp,vista,7,8,8.1 built into the os's already, and will have you use links to Microsoft's main support site or original equipment manufacturer's site for any files needed, not Google)

i hope this thread will help stop people from falling for this ***

ps::sorry to the mods about the spoiler but these freaks deserve far worse then stage 4 brain and rectal cancer compared to an insult.

here is a video explaining what they are doing::
as a side note to this video, ammyy is a legitimate remote access site, but it is misused very often by these fake micro-***** to gain access and control of your system.

some of these videos on YouTube are hilarious

Re: fake microsoft help calling homes with fake issues

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:37 pm
by fate6
I will allow the spoiler mainly cause I have had them call me before :3
I was on Ubuntu at the time so I let them have at it while I acted like I had no idea why he could not find anything

Re: fake microsoft help calling homes with fake issues

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 9:54 pm
by jd20dog
as the normal tech support guy for most of my family and friends, i found it odd they didnt know the os's or number of computers in the household (both are visible to them after gaining access past your modem and roughter), but i tend to hide everything past my modem from outside checks or pings, so its odd anyone sees anything past possible web site request

but im also used to having to ask the real Microsoft support for help, and i have a good understanding of they're business practices and legal requirements controlling them, as they cant read or do anything on the end users system without first gaining permission to do so, but don't have to add software to connect,view or control the system as they have the files built into the os from factory

the sad fact that these creeps will gladly burn if heck for eternity is a sad joy i guess

Re: fake microsoft help calling homes with fake issues

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:02 pm
by myth
Reminds me of those scams where they would keep calling companys saying they where tech support, sad thing is people fall for this... Iv had to deal with a issue like this before though they pretended to be apple support....