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What is the cheapest oculus dk2 entry pc?

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What is the cheapest oculus dk2 entry pc?

Post by zoraktorok » Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:36 pm

Im going to do my own research after posting this, but Im sure someone here knows somewhere offhand. I have crappy computers.... I get all that I need done with them so it usually suffices. I recently decided to join the vr revolution, but from their official site, requirements listed just says the ability to run current gen graphics with a hdmi out. Most software I have found seems to not require a powerhouse as of yet... but some appear to. Anywho, I want to purchase a tower for the sole purpose of running a rift through it. Storage isnt really a problem as I have several hds around here. I dont need a mouse, no monitor, no speakers, no keyboard, no virus sofware, windows 7 preffered, no burner but a bd-reader would be great, but not required .... My target budget is about 700. That with the dk2 pushing the total past 1,000 ..... thats all I can afford right now. thank you in advance.

My reasoning is that I was looking at oled glasses and the sony model is 999.99 so... yeah, 350 is totally fine for me if all I ever do with it is watch movies. Hope they change morphious from led... or lcd.... cant remember befor I get called out.... eaither way, a step backwards. Pull out the inkjet sony!

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