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Your Favorite PC Game

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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by LennyVita »

I have to say Battlefield 3, it smokes BF3 on PS3, huge maps, 64 players. Cannot wait for BF4 on PS4. wonder how it will compare to the PC version of BF4. I hope BF4 will have lots of players for PS4. Im sure the PC version will still be better though, Most always PC beats console for gfx and scale.
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by noctemowl »

Definitely Fallout 3. Idk what it is about that game, but I seriously got addicted to it. I also love Unreal Tournament 2004 (many many hours of LAN parties spent on that one game). But back in the day, I was a huge fan of Command and Conquer Red Alert - loads of fun to play on your own or with a friend or two!
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by mkc88r »

me,it's the saga of the sims,and simcity!!great game!
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by watswat5 »

I play Minecraft casually. I look for good horror games like Amnesia on the side. I don't ever have a favorite, though.
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by Daermien »

i remember playing the heck out of crysis 1, playing around with a bunch of mods, and custom addons, graphical upgrades, yeah spent a long time in that
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by b2p1mp »

Street Fighter VS Mega Man (SFxMM_2.0) - Capcom's free game has been updated to version 2.0. This PC only game is my new favorite atm. It retains all the fun of Mega Man 1 with retro music and graphics, but the bosses are people like Dhalsim, Chun LI, Ryu, etc... When you beat the stage of the fighter, you get their super power (like chun li's super kick.) Features: Fantastic game/Free game/Works with joystick/gamepad, and has a password ability to resume gameplay.
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by onnz423 »

Counter-strike: Global Offensive
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by Purrster »

Maybe a lesser known game: Osu.
It was free so I decided to give it a go, and I was pleasantly surprised! :D
And Borderlands 2. I enjoyed that game a lot, too.
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by necron926 »

ive been playing brutal doom (mod) and minetest (minecraft clone for low end computers) alot lately.
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Re: Your Favorite PC Game

Post by NNNRT »

I have a Vice City 21 mod, whch is amazing! :o There's a highway all around the city so you can get faster anywhere in the city, a new huge sand beach, & some cool cars, such as the Hummer H2 customized in NFS Underground 2, & the Monster Truck is bigger. I'm talking like a n00b now, so...
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