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Xperia Play chose the right rom

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Xperia Play chose the right rom

Post by naruto4000 »

Hi everyone,

I have a Xperia Play. I need help to choose the right rom and kernel for my Device. I already unlocked the bootlock. I only want a rom that:
- works smooth on emuators (like GBA, PSP, NDS...)
- can play 3D games (GTA, Modern Combat...)

And not SO important
- download new apps/ games

I need a site with tut, please!
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Re: Xperia Play chose the right rom

Post by gibbman »

I use the ROM Aurora Play V2 + Lupus Kernel GingerBread V12 with processor overclocked at 1400ghz and governor lulzactive and emulators work great.

Drastic, FPSE, N64oid, My Boy !, Snes9x, Neo emu, MD emu, emu PCE, Arcade Super run nearly all games at full speed.

I also installed PPSSPP and many games run well, like Dragon Ball Shin Budokai, Monster Hunter and Rengoku.

Even Android games run better than in any other ROM tested, also I use every day the xperia as a working cell, so with whatsapp, skype etc ... and almost never crashes. Just delete the cache every week.

I bought a 64gb micro sd, and a 3600mAh battery, and I have to say that I have created a monster for mobile gamimg. It's my little Frankenstein

Unfortunately it uses an old version of Android (2.3.7) so you can't play new games.

I hope that soon snail comes out W3D for new games ...
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Re: Xperia Play chose the right rom

Post by DanielLento »

It is also important to determine what resolution the smartphone will have. In the end, choosing a model and not looking at its characteristics, there is a risk that any video file cannot be played on the device.
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