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NDEV: libwiiuse / libbte / libogc: unsolicited event ack 17 03

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NDEV: libwiiuse / libbte / libogc: unsolicited event ack 17 03

Post by nitr8 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:50 pm


This might be of interest to someone who worked with a NDEV and the RVL-SDK before.
I'm having some serious error when trying to initialize the Wiimote.

Long story short: I'm trying to debug homebrew using the RVL-SDK and a NDEV.
Everything compiles without problems. libOGC runs and video output is available as well as debug output via serial console.

Whenever i then push a button to connect the Wiimote, the LEDs on the Wiimote start to blink and then they turn off. The debug serial output reoports this:

"Unsolicited event ack 17 03".

It should be "17 00" but gives me this error and the state is the following: The LEDs on the Wiimote are all off. The strange thing is that it seems to react to button presses and button releases because the debug output then gives messages back.

Is there anyone who can actually tell what this 17 03 state means or what could be the reason for this message? I can't get the Wiimote connected and i'm out of luck as it seems.

One more thing: the compiled DOL / ELF runs on the Dolphin emulator WITHOUT any problem. I don't know why...

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks very much in advance.

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