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[Tutorial] Introduction to Boolean Algebra, Index

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[Tutorial] Introduction to Boolean Algebra, Index

Post by Acid_Snake »

This is the index of my tutorials about boolean algebra, logic gates and low-level hardware understanding of modern computers.

I will enumerate not only the parts of the tutorials I've written, but also the parts I will write in the future to give you an idea on how the tutorial will be.

- Part 1: Introduction, main operations and functions.
- Part 2: Properties of Boolean Algebra and simplification of functions
- Part 3: Minterms and Maxterms
- Part 4: Karnaugh maps
- Part 5: Implementing boolean functions using basic logic gates (AND, OR, NOT)
- Part 6: Universal logic gates: NAND and NOR.
- Part 7: Implementing boolean functions using universal logic gates (NAND, NOR)
- Part 8: Special logic gates: XOR and XNOR
- Part 9: Multiplexors, Demultiplexors and Decoders.

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