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Top 5 best game according to you (any platform)

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Re: Top 5 best game according to you (any platform)

Post by ChristianC94 »

My favorite are RPGs. I'm more looking into developers than games because most of the games got the same functions. You may have noted that already.

1. Dark Soul II developers "From Software"
I love the gameplay and the style but the only disappointment is the multiplayer function. It works but it's a hassle. Even so it's the most amazing game I have played.

2. Fire Emblem Awakening "Intelligent Systems"
Awesome game it's great story, characters and changes you can do, hope they evolve the game greater. :)

3. Dragon Age Origins "BioWare"
I love the story and changes you can do in the game that makes it special from others.

4. Rune Factory 4 "Neverland > Marvelous"
Being alive into another world with amnesia and no memories is a great start on a new adventure. The other Rune Factories games are awesome too. :)

5. White Knight Chronicles "Level 5"
I like the game alot. The character art and gameplay is just like Final Fantasy series. But they canceled the online feather and DLCs so that's a disappointment. But even so the game is special to me and similar to Dark Cloud 2 in some function. It's also to bad the avatar character is just like a shadow that's left out of the party, If it just could been more into the game. :/

I have played much other games i love but these are special to me. :)
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Re: Top 5 best game according to you (any platform)

Post by WTmortiferum »

Well, for the ones I got to play, it will be in this order.

1: Sora No Kiseki 2nd and 3rd Chapter (Legend of Heroes, trails in the sky) (PSP and I think PS3?)

Turn based RPG might not be everyone's favorite, buy I kinda like it. Combat system is decent, though it is the customization that makes combat much more interesting as you need to put "Quartz" into a "Orbment" to enhance ability/ use magic. (Mixing matching elemental "gems" to be able to use certain magic, so no all round, use all element all magic characters :p)

Storyline, character development and music is the best bit of this game. Will not do spoiler for any of it.

Yes, both games are not available in English, muahahahhaha >:D (They are in Chinese and Japanese though)

2: Tales of Destiny 2 (Not that Eternia thing) (PS2)

Music is good as well as story line, there are some good plot twists and a good combat system. Characters are likeable, but a bit of a cliche.

IE: Youth out for adventure and fame, random mysterious girl with strange power and connection, a mysterious masked man, etc.

(And a **** that butchers your party with ease, locking down whole map while banning the use of healing items and magic through near 1HKO attacks)

Standard JRPG with 2D sprite when navigating dungeon, 3D on world map, and 2D side scroll during combat.

And again, Chinese and Japanese only :p (u mad?)

This game got me into gaming. It is the game that really "changed" me and how I viewed games.

3: Star Ocean: Second Chapter (PSP)

Again, it's music is impressive as well as storyline with good characters.

2D all round, they try to make it look 3D but it isn't :p. Storyline is particularly interesting, based on the "naive young protagonist" again, and "mysterious girl with special powers".

Some characters in this game are not given out " freely" and thus you actually have to do events to get some. Then, some characters cannot be obtained IF you got a certain one..... There I'd a potential for each play through to be slightly different.

4: War Thunder (PC/ PS4 - Cross platform)

Muh Krupp Stahl.

Nah, just a generally interesting game, I liked WWII equipment and it offers planes and tanks and soon ships.

Slightly rough in some areas like MM and balance (War is not balanced), but otherwise, one of my favorite.

Graphics is NICE and net coding EXTREMELY well optimized (400 ping Aus is actually playable, even 700 is acceptable as long as packet lost does not exceed 20%).

5: Fallout 3/ New Vegas

Do I even need to explain this? Nuclear wasteland free roam RPG.

Only bad thing is that it is TOO SHORT!!! :evil:
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Re: Top 5 best game according to you (any platform)

Post by poec »

According to me with no particular order are....

5. Fahrenheit (PC)
4. Clock Tower Fisrt Fear, Clock Tower, Clock Tower 2. (snes/psx)
3. Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, Origins (PSX, PS2, PSP)
2. Twisted Metal (Insert random number here)(psx, ps2, ps3)
1. Target Earth (Genesis, Megadrive)
0. Mahunt (pc)
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