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Soul Saga Beta Giveway! - CLOSED-

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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by desmorto »

I liked a lot the idea and would like to try it :D
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by crayoticgames »

I'd like to participate in the beta simply because I have a love for RPGs and am passionate about making them.
I'm an aspiring game maker with a love for crafting immersive stories in hopes that it will provide someone out there enjoyment and touch the their hearts all the same. I've been making games since I was 12 years old and been a collector since the age of three when my first game was passed onto me by my uncle. This game draws me in because the art style is warm and colorful, the scores sing in my ears reminiscent of the golden age of my youth, and the battle system is classical turn burned, which I adore. I'd be honored to help in any way I could to help shape what is looking to be a pure joy to play.. but most importantly because like you I share the same ambition of sharing my stories with the world. Why chase a dream when you can live it? Keep going guys, I can't wait to see the end result.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by mirror619 »

I'm recently unemployed love jrpgs, and need something to distract me from my soul crushing depression
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by ziken »

yay. they're finally in beta phase. i can't wait for people to give beta feedback and make the games better. i'ma gonna wait til the games hit store, and yay. it for vita, which meant i can play on the go.

can't wait for more update from DisasterCake.

the only thing i'm wondering is, is the game going to be crossover play between the console and handheld like Rainbow Moon? because if so, i'll def buy two copy, a hard copy for my vita and a soft copy for my console. XD been waiting for this.

oh, and i'm not looking for a beta key. i probably wouldn't be able to give a very good feedback.

Oh, and will you be selling the CE edition? if so, i want a poster as part of the collection.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by OpusOvis »

I'd enjoy having a key because I've been itching for a good 'jrpg' lately. I just finished Axiom Verge last night and it really gave me a desire for the old style.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by windmark »

Well, it looks awesome and as a big fan of classic RPGs I just want to play it :D
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by druidsareus »

So I just got back from serving a mission for my church for the last year in England. I really love j-rpg,s the 1st game I ever played was Pokemon and from their I moved on to the likes of dragon quest and final fantasy.

This game looks like a mash up of my favorite games. Also I don't have a job since I just got back from the UK so anyways I would love a cool new game to play.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by NovaX »

I believe that I would able to give timely and accurate feedback the game if I were to recieve the beta key.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by freezy628 »

i need this because i dont play many rpgs and i really want to start getting into them starting with this one. also, AIRSHIP BATTLES!!!
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Shaddap »

I'm not gonna bother giving some long-winded explanation into why I deserve to win a beta code for the Soul Saga beta (in reality, no one does, it's just a matter of luck!) but it would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all!
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