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Soul Saga Beta Giveway! - CLOSED-

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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Ayekalooter »

I'll bite~ Long time lurker, recently made an account for the one in a thousand posts I want to comment on, and this just happens to be worthy of that first-post~
Having followed the development a bit, this game looks like it's shaping up to be everything we love about classic RPGs, with more than enough innovation to keep it interesting. I'd like to cover the game on my stream and on my youtube channel as well. The last pre-release game I covered generated some positive buzz and I think this game could do the same. Its looking like a really exciting project that's worth staying on top of. The art style especially peeks my interest, touching notes of nostalgia while being different enough to stand apart. It looks like a fun world to exist within, and explore.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by xblackdemonx »

I really like JRPG and I thought Soul Saga looked like an awesome game. It goes back to the basics. Plus I already backed the game on Kickstarter (not the beta tier though)
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Blebleman »

Airship Battles bring back fantaaaastic memories of Skies of Arcadia! :D

Always looking forward to playing an RPG with heart.
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by painterman »

What about the game makes you want to play it?
-Well, as its has been said, its like one of those new "spiritual sucesors", but in this case for the ff7. With this in mid its has much potential, for good and for bad. I like the stile, it reminds me of the good old days playing ff7 but with a new look.
What intrigues you about the game?
-The system: what things they will make new and what they will recicle( ej: timed bars for atack or 3 atack to one special and such), clase oriented or 4 main protagonist.
Darth Agnon
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Darth Agnon »

The potential of this game is intriguing; also, the fact that the users can contribute to the game's design is amazing! Thought I'd post a few suggestions for the developer, after seeing the gameplay video ;)

1) In shops, how about zooming the camera in on the shopkeeper's face, when you bring up the buy menu? If so, the buy menu could be shrunk somewhat to let you see them.

2) Also in shops, how about offering a little preview window, where you can see the 3D model of the item/weapon selected?

3) Dynamic weather, if implemented, could make random encounters more exciting by affecting the effectiveness of attacks, as well as offering interesting visuals and a dynamic mood for the game. Ideally, it would be present throughout.

4) How about dynamic day and night cycles? Just think how awesome it would be to be trekking throughout the day, then evening comes, with a beautiful sunset, then you have to rush to warm glow of the lights of the nearest town, as night approaches, and fireflies and more powerful enemies start to spawn in the shadows.

5) In battle, why not implement "kill-cams" a la Skyrim: when defeating an enemy, there is a random chance of the character doing a special move, accompanied by a cinematic camera sequence, showcasing said special move.

6) Also in battle, how about mapping attacks to keys/buttons, as FF-Type 0 does, except allowing the user full customisation of what is mapped to what? e.g. four actions could be mapped to W/A/S/D (W: default weapon attack, A: default item, S: default magic spell, D: default other/special attack): pressing one of those keys will execute the default (user-set) action, while pressing SHIFT and one of those keys will bring up the menu with all available actions of that type. So, W means the selected character executes my favourite weapon attack, while SHIFT and W brings up the menu for me to choose another weapon attack. Just some suggestions :) Live long and prosper, and good luck!

Darth Agnon
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by ShiroiRyu »

So so so ... Firt, i need to say "Sorry for my bad english." I'm french and with that, that will be difficult to express myself properly.
Now :
What about the game makes you want to play it?
First answer : The artworks and the characters. For me, the best part of a game is his characters and story. From what i see, i'm already liking Ai Ai despite i would love if she can have some "spider legs" as as a new form ... or even a winged spider form ... She is so cute ! So from what i see and read, the story remember me from the J-RPG of the beginning of the century like Grandia II (on Dreamcast ... Millenia *_*) so it's a good point.

Second answer : Don't think i'm a **** but it's because it's indie and the developer is here to speak with us a lot, on his forum or on Facebook (for the ones who are not backers for the moment). From that, it's a good part : we can give him some advices and he is here for us. So why you will not want to play a game where our words can have a effect on this ? It's because of this connection with the developer i prefer indie games.

Third answer : The difficulties Disastercake have to fight with some months ago (or near a year now ?). Seriously, when you try to make a game, you know that will be hard ... But sometimes, real life give you lemons (and put the juice on your eyes). Sometimes, the developer leave without a hint about where he is. Sometimes, the developer continue and try to explain why the game take more time and apologize for what because he want his game to be the best he can do for this. Disastercake is one of theses developers : Remember the first artworks (the "new" ones are sot beautiful : ) ? The problem he have with his health ? Why you don't want to help him when you know how dedicaced he is ?

What intrigues you about the game?
DisasterCake will know it, i'm the guy who want some superboss for his game. :p
So what intrigue me ? If Ai Ai will have differents forms (a spider one *_*).
But first : how the game will be when it's finished because that will be a lot ... really. With the kickstarter finished, you know he had a lot of stretch goals. Remember the Airship part ? The Guild Hall ones ? I don't forget it and it's the same for the Pandora's Boxes.
I want to know a lot about this game and even more this game to be successful so Disastercake can do the Episode 2. Yes, don't forget it, it's just the first game.
So i want to know the story about Ai Ai because she seem to be the main plot of the game : She is in the center of the artwork with a "double face".
I want to hear more and more of the OST. I want to fight Forbidden Beasts, gigantic monsters with the Airship (in a Skies of Arcadia themed fight) and others stuffs.

I'm just afraid about when the game will be out : It's already near two years now but hey, when you like a game, you have to wait sometimes (Like C-Wars or Cryamore too ... :p)

And so ... Sorry for the bad english. ^^
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by limikusz64 »

I would LOVE to win it because I FLIPPIN' LOVE RPGs and this is for PC and VITA as well so I could play it on both platforms. Oh and the art is SO good it really looks like Final Fantasy and I love it! I hope i win! :D
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Avidity_X »

Just saw the gameplay of soul saga beta, Have to say the game looks pretty dang good! Its definitely a type of jrpg game I would love to play on my ps vita because both the gameplay and graphics look amazing!! and Did you say Airship battles?? Now you speaking my language!! Fighting,Fantasy,Adventure,Airship Battles!! What more could i ask for? Soul Saga is where it's at!!
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by xote14 »

I need this for a simple reason: i dont have a game to play :(
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Tinyxtune »

Why I want the code? An old school rpg lover. Animation. Most games I own are rpg! I own a vita. Definitely want a vita code! But also own a pc! Secrets, old school story and the way they doing the battle system with crazy tactics. Art looks awesome! I know m not the only ff fans or rpg. But if I am lucky to get a beta key, I go play the lottery and definitely spread the word, soul saga is going to be epic or my email isnt Ratsaga since 1996! Soulsaga ratsaga, oh sounds like heaven!
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