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Soul Saga Beta Giveway! - CLOSED-

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Soul Saga Beta Giveway! - CLOSED-

Post by Minimur12 »

I've got 5 keys to give you, and what you need to do is convince me why you'd like them :)
What about the game makes you want to play it?
What intrigues you about the game?

Mike/Disastercake will be hovering around ready to answer any and all questions you have, so fire away!

After 48 hours of the article being up, I'll PM the lucky winners and leave a post on here, and then ask a mod to lock the thread. Thanks!

Good luck!


Thanks everyone for participating, I've enjoyed helping Disastercake with the giveaway, and it certainly sounds like he's enjoyed it too!

The winners are as follows:

ShiroiRyu - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=42789&start=30#p388409
The Witcher - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=42789#p388312
Artificemonarch - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=42789#p388301
RiotDX - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=42789&start=50#p388526
4kun - viewtopic.php?f=36&t=42789#p388303

Thankyou ever so much!

[Note for mods; Please lock this thread - Thanks]
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by k4zumanp3228 »

convince you to give me one? well, you have 5, you don't need that many. xD
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by asho721 »

i realy want to get the key cuz i love the game so much and it just remember me ff7 (mithos look like cloud)
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by blacknova84 »

I think Soul Saga looks phenomenal. I grew up in the 90's playing all the classic SNES, and SEGA Genesis RPG's and to be honest. This looks to be just as good. Soul Saga graphically alone looks on par with other great RPG's such as Dragon Quest, Grandia, and Final Fantasy. Then you look at gameplay, and you know it isn't just looks, this game is on par with all the greats. I can't tell you how excited I would be to actually play this. This is one of the few RPG's for PC I am looking forward to because it keeps the look and feel of the games I loved as child alive and kicking :)
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Viper-619 »

Any game that follows the JRPG formula wins a place in my heart but the the story of Mithos in particular is one that will keep me going for all future episodes to come
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by hirolunet »

They caught my interest with "Suikoden". I found the transition from 2D to 3D interesting. I am Liking Mithos' new look.

I'm excited for it. In the simplest terms; despite being an indie title, it looks like a big name release. It seems to have a lot of heart
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by Artificemonarch »

A major reason I want to play this game is the inspirations (Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Persona, and Suikoden.) Persona is on my favorites list hovering around the number 1 spot. I've always loved it and am just so awed by the entire chain of games, a 3rd person view apart from the 1st person SMT games have had. Final Fantasy is a given for me when it comes to the Role Playing aspect. Also, I had no idea anyone else knew of Breath of Fire so seeing that mixed in is AMAZING. But it's not just about the inspiration for me, it's about what Disaster Cake is gonna DO with those inspirations and all I can say now is I am more than impressed. I want to Beta Test this more than I can even put into words, it looks so unique and amazing, EVERY characters art style is really cool and stylish and It's just eye candy to me and intriguing. My brother showed me this a while back and has been on the edge of his seat for it for a WHILE and we will continue to wait with the same excitement as when we first discovered it. Oh and also TOD HABERKORN HOW CAN I RESIST. So awesome I can't wait, I really want a beta key also to make my brother Jelly. >:) Keep at it DisasterCake every day me and my bro wait is another day of excitement (but also don't overwork and kill yourself with stress, we kinda need you aliuve.) :lol:
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by 4kun »

What about the game makes you want to play it?
I've been following the news and updates since the beginning of the Kickstarter project, and I also baked it a bit. I just love the graphic style and the music, but most of all, I like it how DisasterCake have shown us how a JRPG game can be made outside japan or without being japanese, it's truly inspiring.

What intrigues you about the game?
We kinda know how the beginning steps of the game are going to look/be like, but I'm most intrigued about the late gameplay, about how the story will go after the start, and about how the characters will join the party.
The Witcher
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by The Witcher »

When Soul Saga first caught my eyes, I had a feeling, a feeling of nostalgia, like something familiar from my past was telling me to stay, telling me to tippy toe and try to get a better look, like a little boy preying down the flavors of ice cream as the scooper passes his utensil over each and every flavor, like a child staring from the outside in, into a toy store, hoping, wishing, asking...... is it Christmas yet? I continued to stare down this Kickstarter and no matter what I couldn't shake off this feeling, was it love? The music, the world, the story? What was it about this beautiful project that kept my eyes unable to look away?

To be honest, I'm still not clear what it is about Soul Saga that I love so much and I'm still un-sure of what kept drawing me in so much.... Was/Is it the passion that would emerge out of Mikey's voice, every time he spoke of his baby during the live streams? Was it the fight during the last few minutes of the funding, where we were all together, watching, fighting for the numbers to go up, fighting for the dream of one man, a dream that soon became the dream of hundreds, no, thousands!(Bajillions!).... and we did it side by side with him, he honored us with a live stream and we watched together, we marched together, we triumphed together, we Cloud victory theme song'd together.

But not all has come so easy, we went through struggles of change, change that a few didn't accept and they had the right to worry, but Mikey delivered and showed them, us, that we never would have to worry, that no matter what happens! As long as Soul Saga is at the tips of his fingers, he would take us to the finish line, he would guide us, not only through the darkness, but past the barriers of the Tempest Rift and into safety, and back onto the holy lands of Medonia. What I love about Soul Saga so much? The journey,the struggle, the people, because I already loved Soul Saga, once I backed I already knew, I already felt the greatness I was/am going to end up with at the end of the stretch, at the finish line.......

Oh wait what was the question again?

What makes me want to play Soul Saga so much? What intrigues you about the game? The characters, the story, the neat throwbacks of fan suggestions that we will find hints of throughout the game. Being able to go, hey! isn't that what so and so suggested, it made it into the game and is so rad! The fan service, no not that kind of fan service, pervs. The characters the backers created and finally being able to get our hands on them, the airship battles, playing as the heartthrob/protagonist Garen, Finally getting to see what Karen and Mithos had developed into, after all lol, there was a whole struggle there based on the looks alone during the first few months after the Kickstarter. Squabbles!, Cider, Cake, Throwback Kickstarter skins, seeing what had made it into the game from the pre-kickstarter development, looking for all the mash-ups and merges from all the musicians and artists that had come and gone during the project, seeing how much Mikey got done and went far and beyond to achieve with the so little he was left to work with, especially after that one backer pulled out. Stepping into the Guild Hall for the first time, reading each and every bit of dialogue for every npc in game, finding all the little easter eggs and love letters, playing the game for the very first time and doing it in the nude.............

And that's why I deserve to be president of the united states! ....... wait what where we talking about again?
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Re: Soul Saga Beta Giveway!

Post by HarmfulMushroom »

I see your post even made it onto the official Soul Sega facebook page, congrats! As for why I want one, I'd have to say that It just looks like a lot of fun. I'll be honest when I say that I've never even heard of the game before I saw your post here. Since I saw your post I've been searching around for youtube videos from your fellow backers on kickstarter and this game looks mad fun, wish I could've found out about it while it was still trying to get funded! It looks a lot like games from the FF series which I've always thoroughly enjoyed playing and would like to find out first hand what it's like to play this game. I just enjoy turn based games in general, so I know I'll be able to put a good amount of hours into this game. Wikipedia says it's similar to the games from the Persona series as well as FF, I have a couple hundred hours invested into every game I've played from both series (as well as many saves) so I'd be stoked to see how many hours I can put into this game!

And even though this game is still in beta stages it looks pretty solid. From the searching I've done it appears this game has been in development for quite some time even prior to its kickstarter debut, any ETA on an open beta yet?

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