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Profit from homebrew?

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Profit from homebrew?

Post by Loofy‍‍‍ »

I'm curious in knowing if a dev has actually managed to turn a homebrew project into a profitable business.
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Re: Profit from homebrew?

Post by adover1965 »

No Its The Love Of "HOMEBREW" There Is No Way Possible To Profit. Its SONY'S DOMAIN..... If You Want To Make Games And You Know How To Code Try UNITY 5 Its Awesome.. You Have To Buy A License . You Have To Be On The Latest Firmware. Then You Could Profit.... :lol:
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Re: Profit from homebrew?

Post by cualquiercosa327 »

Yes.I know almost three case of nds homebrew than finaly end as a comercial product : "Colors!", "jEnesisDs" which was bought by Sega to release Sonic on nds and Dsx86 which has been used to port some olders game to Android .

Also some people which began with gba homebrew finish creating gba and nds comercial titles (An example is Hugo Smiths creador of Dsiware games as flipper ..)
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Re: Profit from homebrew?

Post by Plaisence »

Even if devs of the homebrew projects cannot turn that very same projects into something profitable, I'm sure they learn a ton of stuff in the process and can turn that knowledge into something profitable.
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Re: Profit from homebrew?

Post by lolapaluuza »

There are a lot of such stories, but any beginning startup needs a minimum capital.
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