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HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Half Byte loader is an open source tool to load homebrews on all models of PSPs
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Re: HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Post by cgibbons51 »

TragicTheBlubbering wrote:Not if you're running thin through hbl since it is user mode.
Oh really i didn't no that :) ty
wait so does that mean no homebrew's can even access flash if im right?
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Re: HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Post by Rydian »

Correct, homebrews run through HBL cannot access flash.
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Re: HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Post by Maxaxle »

A few of those don't work, but there are a few that I really liked...
1. Cave Story
2. The FPS games with "Dungeon" in them
3. Duke Nukem 3D
4. JellyCar
5. Ghost in the Matrix (lots of fun, yet very simple. Menu uses Matrix terms, be careful)
6. Mr. Driller (or whatever it was called)
7. Bomberman Arena (when I can find a friend to play against) (keep in mind that it's "hotseat", so you get 5 buttons and your friend gets 5 buttons)

ALSO: If you want to sharpen your racing skills with a DEMO, then look no further than Ridge Racer 2 or Race Driver 3. Both are decent, at least. However, I personally found RD3's steering way too difficult, and I kept smashing headfirst into walls/trashing my car. Damage is similar to taht seen in GTA3 through GTA San Andreas.
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Re: HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Post by blahman179 »


I downloaded the Linux shell, and it game with some weird plugin folder.

What do I even do with it?

Also, how does HBL use LUA's, I though only CFW's could handle them.
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Re: HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Post by TragicTheBlubbering »

The "weird plugin folder" is seplugins which is for cfw/hen plugins. It has no purpose in hbl. For the 2nd question, lua based hmebrew often come with a built in lua player. Cfw isn't necessary to run lua, however hbl has problems with it. some times it works, most of the time it doesn't.
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i was wondering if there anyway to mod the ps3 so i can play ps3 game ??
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Re: HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Post by toBsucht »

The "weird plugin folder" is seplugins which is for cfw/hen plugins. It has no purpose in hbl.
Try to run Ubuntu 7.10 without seplugins folder and boot.txt in it it doesn´t start up if you build such files it does ;)
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Re: HBL Compatible Homebrew 2

Post by ali_ihsan21 »

Rock Band Green Day homebrew game's link isn't working, anyone have link for it ?
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