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PSPGo Having Trouble Playing PSX Games...

Discuss here techniques/plugins/etc... related to ISO Loading and PSX Games
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PSPGo Having Trouble Playing PSX Games...

Post by thebib62 »

I have a PSP Go with FW 6.60 PRO-B10, but I've been having a lot of problems playing my PSX games…

Just about all of the games I've tried to run will not play at all. After pressing 'X' the screen will show P.O.P.S. loading bios…etc, and then just fade to black. Sometimes the P.O.P.S. loading bios screen won't show up at all. Then I have to hard reset my PSP Go, or the PSP Go just crashes, and shuts off on it's own.

I haven't followed the PSP hacking scene in quite sometime, so maybe I'm missing something, but I tried looking online for a solution, and I couldn't find one.

After installing 6.60 PRO-B10, I downloaded POPsLoader6.60.rar, which is a rar file containing all of the previous popsloader versions from other FW's.
I placed that in my seplugins folder.

The only game I was able to get running was NFL Blitz 2001. Any other game seems to just fail, or will get to the title screen, and fail after that. For example, Spider-Man. The game loads, and I can select 'New Game' and the difficulty, but once I do that, the game goes black. Judging from this video, it is possible to play that game on the PSP.

The software I've used to create Eboots from my PSX image files:

Icetea (v.1.3)
PSX2PSP (v.1.4)

Am I trying to run games that aren't compatible with the PSPGo, and my FW?
Here's a list of games I wish to play

Code: Select all

Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
Spider-Man 2
WCW Mayhem
WCW Backstage Assult
WWF Smackdown!
WWF Smackdown! 2: Know your role
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Metal Gear Solid
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Has anyone else had this problem with their PSP Go on the same FW?
Should I downgrade my FW? Am I doing something wrong?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I really want to get my PSPGo up and running with working PSX games...
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Re: PSPGo Having Trouble Playing PSX Games...

Post by lacrimosaangel »

I'm pretty sure the pspGo should be the same as the psp3000 where PRO-B10 is concerned... I don't use POPS to load my psx games, If you convert them to eboot.php, then put it in a folder with the game title, you can place it in ms0:/PSP/GAME and they'll run from there :)

At least this works for me... my Chrono Cross loads fine this way without any issues.. was playing it last night :D

If you're running all those plugins, have you enabled them? you'll need to go to seplugins, then create pops.txt ... type the location of the .prx files and save
ms0:/*name of folder*/*plugin name*.prx 1

^the little "1" tells the system it's active.

I'd still go down the PSP/GAME route though, seems to work fine on mine without popsloader :D I'm also running PRO-B10 on my PSP-3003 :)
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Re: PSPGo Having Trouble Playing PSX Games...

Post by Different55 »

What are you using to convert your PSX games?

Try clearing out your seplugins folder or disabling all the plugins from the VSH. Put one converted PSX game in /PSP/GAME/ and then select it from the XMB. Does it still crash?
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Re: PSPGo Having Trouble Playing PSX Games...

Post by NNNRT »

That's a plugin conflict :roll:. You must go to the recovery menu>Advanced>POPS plugins>Disabled. That should work ;). If you really want the plugins, try disabling all except one & enter the game, then every time the game works quit it then enable one more plugin. And keep on like that until the game freezes, & when it does so, it means that the last-enabled plugin is making the conflict :x. Disable it & your on your way with a happy PSX gaming! :)
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