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Quickboot 3.5 MOD (ME 2.2 Inferno+Autoboot+Quickmenu+PSPGo)

Plugins for PSPs running on 6.XX
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Quickboot 3.5 MOD (ME 2.2 Inferno+Autoboot+Quickmenu+PSPGo)

Post by suloku »

Based on Quickboot 3.2 by wnbyaku ... w/psp.html

***UPDATE 17Aug2014***
Released version 3.5
[+] Changed memory stick access check again. Uses the direct hardware register method for memory stick (in Go and other models) and another method for the PSPGo's internal storage.
[+] Full PSPGo support: can launch apps from internal storage and memory stick
[+] In the PSPGo an icon displays if the game/app is in the internal storge (s) or the memory stick (m).
[+] In the PSPGo an icon next to the apps list icon will show if quickboot can launch apps from memory stick and internal storage or only internal storage.
[+] Updated quickboot menu app to show if apps can be run from memory stick and internal storage or only internal storage.

Note: some old homebrew have param.sfo files with missing labels (probably DISC_ID label). When quickboot parses one of those homebrews it will stop reading the directory and no further homebrew will be added to the list.

Note for PSPGo users: When launching an app from the memory stick, quickboot can launch apps from both memory stick and internal storage. When launching an app from internal storage one can only boot apps from internal storage, even though the favorite list will still display apps in the memory stick (quickboot will just close if selecting one of them). Use autoboot + quickboot menu stored in the memory stick (for example) to quickly run your memory stick favs after exiting a game/app.

3.5 (source included): ...

Old versions:
[spoiler]***UPDATE 29jul2014***
Relased version 3.4
* Changed memory stick access check to support PSP Go's internal storage. Thanks to Omega2058 at forums. ...

***UPDATE 18jul2014***
Released version 3.3.1
* Added autoboot feature
* Added quickmenu

3.3.1 (source included) ...

3.3 (source included) ...[/spoiler]

About autoboot: configure it in quick_boot.ini. Press any button (except RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN) to override.

About quickmenu: quickmenu is a little app that does absolutely nothing, but quickboot plugin will recognize that the app is running and will automatically pop up. This allows to use quickboot as a standard homebrew launcher (even more if you combine it with pergame plugin).
This is mostly intended to be used as autoboot to bypass the XMB for APP/POPS/CSO/ISO launching (it's quicker).
Also, some homebrew will hang the psp when quickboot tries to launch something, if set as autoboot you can instead exit the app and use autoboot to save some seconds when launching another game/app.

Original post: \/ \/ \/ \/

I've updated quickboot 3.2 to support the inferno driver under ME CFW. This is a simple modification and dindn't modify much code, so it should work just as fine as 3.2. Under ME CFW it will no longer show ME/Inferno, just ME for ME driver and Inferno for inferno driver.

It is untested under PRO CFW, but it should work fine. Under pro CFW it won't show ME/Inferno as driver, just Inferno.
PRO CFW users should probably stay with 3.2 (well, there's no reason why 3.3 should behave differently but...).

Also, in the package I've included all the libraries in their most updated form for convenience and added more comments to the quick_boot.ini since I had to go to the readme to know how to configure it properly when I started using quickboot, again just for convenience.

Best regards, suloku
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Re: Quickboot 3.3 (ME 2.2 Inferno driver compatible)

Post by RandQalan »

Thank you working great

I have been using this for PRO for a long time now and love it is now for ME 2.2 Thanks and no problems so far and save state is working too with it 8-)

check the bottom of this thread this save state works for ME 2.2 and PRO collection 6.20
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Re: Quickboot 3.3 (ME 2.2 Inferno driver compatible)

Post by suloku »

Yes, menupict mod v5(update) by LMAN has been working fine under 6.60ME 2.2. I thought customhome had some kind of problem, but it was something as silly as it (or pspstates) being unable to create the SAVESTATE folder where the pspstates prx is.
It works fine with pspstates_kai_mod_umdid.prx that LMAN modified, just need to rename it to pspstates_kai.prx and put it under seplugins.

I've also seen that menupict mod v5 has some kind of detection of when the psp is reading data and can't make a savestates. I've made some tests and customhome freezes if trying to load

I don't have anything agains menupictmodv5, but I like the idea of customehome and having all functionality in a single plugin, even though one can make the very same things by using menupictmodv5 and game vhs menu plugin (satellite).

EDIT: I forgot to include the source code and accidentally deleted it... fortunately I was able to redo my changes the exact same way (compiled prx has the same checksum as the previous one I uploaded). I've changed the link to include the source (only changes are in main.c and main.h)

EDIT2: released version 3.3.1 with autoboot, because I realized having autostart prx and quickboot at the same time was a little pointless (well, autostart has a configurator...).

EDIT3: Updated to support PSP Go.

EDIT4: I've found out that when using quickboot + quickmenu + slide enhance plugin the psp would freeze sometimes (after shutdown and power on by sliding, then it happens all the time regardless of powe on method), so I modified slide enhance to wait 3 seconds before it makes its patches and that solves it
*removed link, read EDIT5.

For those who don't know slide enhance is a plugin that allows to change the behavior of the slide screen. By default sliding does nothing, slide +L-trigger suspends and slide + R-trigger shuts down.
Slide enhance is Abcang's work:

EDIT5: it seems slide enhance wasn't the problem, as it has also happened on my slim. It only happens when using quickmenu in autoboot, so the majority of users should have no problem, but it bothers me the fact that it doesn't happen all the time:
My slim has a pandora battery, so I remove the battery, insert it, PSP automatically powers on (due to pandora battery) and then quickboot on quickmenu freezes. If I repeat the process several times it keeps freezing until for some reason it doesn't freeze in one of those boots, but then it won't freeze anymore. It's really puzzling.
Also, accessing the xmb then launching quickmenu (or any other app, then exiting, which triggers xmb autoboot) will always work (until next shutdown).
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Re: Quickboot 3.5 MOD (ME 2.2 Inferno+Autoboot+Quickmenu+PSP

Post by suloku »

Updated to 3.5, now it has full PSP Go support. I think (and hope) unless something about checking the PSPGo's internal memory comes up this is the last update.
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