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How do I Create Custom XMB waves? (PSP 3k, 6.61 PRO-C)

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How do I Create Custom XMB waves? (PSP 3k, 6.61 PRO-C)

Post by Raimage » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:42 pm

I've been looking everywhere for a tutorial on how to create a custom XMB wave for 6.61 and can't find anything updated at all. Most everything I find is based on 5.00 M33 firmware or earlier stuff, and I have no idea how relevant any of it is because of how outdated that firmware is now.
Here's my situation:
I've tried using ZeroVSH Patcher (0.4) to load an alternate System_plugin_bg.rco in Flash0 (because I don't want to brick my 3k by replacing files directly in Flash0) and the only thing it does is give me a black screen after booting into CFW via FastRecovery. (I placed it in the PSP->VSH directory as instructed by the plugin) So, I tried disabling ZeroVSH patcher via the VSH plugins menu and then entering CFW, enabling ZeroVSH, and resetting the VSH. It loads my custom wave but instantly freezes the VSH, and powers itself off after about 10 seconds. (i have an archive of 176 of waves, but don't know what firmware they're for) So, I'm stuck here. I can upload the waves archive if it helps anyone, they have previews, .rco files, and some have .tga files included.

Basically, how do I make a custom XMB wave that works for 6.61 (PRO-C)? I have an archive of waves already, but don't know what firmware they're for or how to make them work with ZeroVSH patcher (0.4) without crashing instantly.

My PSP info is detailed in my signature, if that also helps.
PSP 3k 6.61 PRO-C
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Re: How do I Create Custom XMB waves? (PSP 3k, 6.61 PRO-C)

Post by Butcher » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:30 pm

PSP3k - man for some small stuff like that what isnt needed most ,its worst tray espect is PSP 3000x - u mess Flash0 or etc u will have Brick and no PSP 300x-E100x Unbrick.

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