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HomebrewStore 2.50 LP "Avalon"

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HomebrewStore 2.50 LP "Avalon"

Post by afrothunder »

Title: HomebrewStore
Developer: HomebrewStore Development Team
License: Mixed, see LICENSE.TXT

Download: HomebrewStore is a PlayStation Store clone for homebrew content that is completely usable on Official Firmware PSP units. Through HomebrewStore you can download and install games, applications, emulators, and more! HomebrewStore is a generally stable application that undergoes painstaking amounts of testing. All content on HomebrewStore is tested before addition, and all content is official firmware compatible.

HomebrewStore is powered by wonderful technology made to make your content retrieval experience the best possible. Updates to the database happen automatically, the store does not need to be restarted to see new content. Patches are installed automatically to the client upon connecting to the HomebrewStore Network, allowing for quick and easy installation of new features. New versions update from inside of the store entirely, no PC needed!

You can also use the HomebrewStore from your PC! Just visit and click "Use the Web Client". *Windows XP or higher is necessary to download content from the PC client.

New in 2.5 You can use the HomebrewStore anywhere from your iOS device to send items to your PSP!

Simply go to in Safari to install the application.

Through the HBStore iOS application you can view all of the content available on HomebrewStore, and with the touch of a finger send an item to a queue. Upon starting the Store on your PSP the queued content will download. To access your PSP's Device ID for activating in the iOS application, press LTRIGGER,RTRIGGER, and SQUARE from the Storefront.


Current Version: 2.50
Current LivePatch: Avalon (HBL-Based HomebrewSupport)

  • Mobile Device Queuing Support
  • Adds Genesis Competition Splash Screen (flashes quickly on first start due to Store Preparations taking the rendering loop)
  • Includes LivePatch 4190310 (Screenshots for items)
  • Includes LivePatch 4090644 (Scalable Storefront Categories)
  • Improved patching support
  • Bugfix in patch error handling
  • Click sound added
  • Slightly modified user interface
  • Includes LivePatch 222416 (Adds percentages to download progress bar)
  • Includes LivePatch 2261007+3050410 (Adds search capability)
  • Patches can now be automatically applied while the client checks for updates
  • Revamped user interface
  • Content listings now report number of downloads (Data collected since 1/27/2011)
  • Categories can now be sorted by number of downloads
  • Content being downloaded will now display transfer progress
  • Firmware requirement dropped from 6.20 to 5.00
  • Chances of content download corruption when installing more than one item during a single use reduced
  • Content installation folder is now displayed on item description pages
  • A menu selection bug that could cause the user to be stuck when changing pages was fixed
Comments and Feedback are greatly appreciated!
Content can be submitted at

Developers, see this post viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6061&p=67810#p67810

You can view the original launch thread at: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1930
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by firespike8 »

Haha cool, I was wondering if you'd submit it to genesis! Great app, good luck man!
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by Blue.Gazer »

I never thought that the dev will submit this for Genesis Competition. I really like the homebrew store! I hope you win, goodluck ! :D
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by Benjamin999 »

Lol, i tested it with my iTouch and it worked perfect. Tnx :D.

EDIT: I've made a dutch tutorial, but maybe some people can use it. ... e-2-a.html
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by Mario »

Oh man this awesome :D
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by amsterix11 »

thank you :wink:
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by General Jewel »

great you entered it into the competition :D
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by Baconation »

good luck! ;)
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by ANI-KIBA »

tnks!!!, perfect homebrew :D!!
PD: Add options: Off Animation (Very slow the animations in the HB xD)
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Re: HomebrewStore 2.50

Post by wololo »

Excellent, welcome to the competition!
The genesis organizer in me was scared initially as the splash screen doesn't really appear the first time one launches the homebrew (I think the timer is messed up by the time taken for the "first time launch"), but as I launched it the second time I saw it :)

The homebrew fan in me is probably keeping this app on his PSP forever :)

Extremely cool homebrew, good luck in the competition!
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