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Localizer™: Translate your XMB![Now GogleCode!][6.60]

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Localizer™: Translate your XMB![Now GogleCode!][6.60]

Post by Draan »

First public relase!

Edit: Sadly, I've already found uploads with authors removed from strings.txt. That's why README, strings_eng.txt and strings_pl.txt contains now additional lines. Nothing has changed in the plugin itself.

Is your language officially supported by PSP?
If not, and you really wanted to have XMB translated, you had to choose: themes from the community, or rare, translated themes (or just orginal RCOs with replaced texts) from your local PSP forums, etc.

You're not alone!
I had the same problem. In fact I saw some translated community themes (like "ClearXMB"), but the themes I really wanted to have weren't.
That's the reason why I've created this plugin.

What my stuff does is really simple:
Paxor3 allows you to build "language pack", with all strings you want to replace from XMB.
Plugin uses it then to replace strings on-the-fly in memory, without touching RCO files or .ctf themes at all.

That means you can use theoretically EVERY theme you want, switch between them (as cxmb allows you to), download new, remove old... and XMB will always be translated!

For proof, here are some screenshots. First one is always from orginal PSP's theme, the second is from Flower.
The Polish text database was done especially for my plugin by krzychuuu and Erokesha. I want to say thank you guyz! :)
Translating ~700kb of English text is not a really easy task...



Why the competition logo is not in the archive? Because I've included it in XMB. Check "About PSP" >:D

Let's look how we can build that "language pack".
[spoiler]The whole idea is to put strings.txt file where you have Paxor.exe, and run the program. If strings.txt is correct (if not, Paxor will tell you on which line it found the error, and will try to describe it), it will create a new file, localizer.dat. You need to copy it to ms0:/seplugins/, or ef0:/seplugins/ if you have GO!

Let's look now how strings.txt is formatted.
First thing, it must be "UCS-2 Little Endian" (I suggest using Notepad++ to edit stuff).

Second, golden rule:
Paxor is a little finicky on data it wants. Before trying to "compile" the database, open your strings.txt in Notepad. If everything is IN ONE LINE, that means it won't work! You must open your file in WordPad, and save it. That will fix the file, and Paxor won't hang on load.

The contents of the file looks like that:

Code: Select all

'label' = 'string'
#again comment
'label2' = 'string2'
Quite simple, eh?

Just like in example above, every entry must be in a new line. RCO name must start with @, then go entries for that RCO in new lines, then next @rco_name, etc etc.

Don't forget about a newline on the end of your file!! Paxor doesn't like files without it too.

You can comment whole line by #.

label is...a label. It's a "name", if you dump an RCO with RCOMage and look into xml with texts from RCO:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<!-- This XML was generated by Rcomage v1.1.1 -->

<Text name="msgshare_pspname">Nickname</Text>
<Text name="msgshare_opt_del">Delete</Text>
string is the actual string which will show instead of orginal one.

WARRING! In prepared strings.txt, which you can use to make the translation, you'll meet bushes in english strings. DON'T REMOVE THEM! They're characters used by Sony as images of PSP's buttons (triangle, start, select, etc), or other symbols.
Also don't remove "%1", "%2", "%3", etc. because XMB replaces that stuff with eg. battery life, your PS3's name when you bind your PSP to it, etc.
Something like sprintf function :)

Example RCO entry:

Code: Select all

#it's auth_plugin, yea!
'msgshare_error_internal' = 'An internal error has occurred.'
'msgauth_pswd_enter' = 'Enter your 4-digit password.'
'msgauth_wrong_pswd' = 'The password is incorrect.'
Whole string must be in one line, so if you need to place new line somewhere, use "\n". This is the only supported code, though.

But Localizer has one more feature!

There is a special "RCO entry", which is just settings for the plugin. It actually have only one setting which you can set.

Code: Select all

'custom_site' = ''
With "custom_site" you can replace link to "Online Manual" in XMB. Usefull when you want to host translated manuals somewhere.

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading.[/spoiler]

In the archive you have:
-english strings, so you can focus on translating instead of hunting for complete database
-polish translated strings. I doubt anyone here is Polish, so treat that as "demo" what you can do with the plugin
-sample small strings which I have used to do the first screenshot in the thread :)

It works on: 5.00 cfw, 5.03 cfw, 5.50 cfw, 6.20 hen/cfw, 6.35, and 6.39.


Download is here: ... loads/list

Sources are here: (added GPL license etc., just legal stuff)

Something doesn't want to translate? Bugs in database? Feel free to report it!
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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by 5h4d0w »

Wow, very nice.
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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by TiPi »

Nice work, Draan. :D
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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by jaja2u »

Very unique! I like it :mrgreen:

But if I could make a suggestion, perhaps a way to do the translations in a more noob friendly way would help. Like a basic translator application.

Just a suggestion, because I was a little confused by the process. But truly nice work!
Thank you Total_Noob :mrgreen:
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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by Lawliet156 »

Took me a little while to customize my XMB, but it was worth it, nice job. Keep up the good work.
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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by npt »

Very cool Draan! I think this is just awesome!


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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by djmati11 »

Screen in Polish :)

Thanks, can you give me source codes on PM?
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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by kidz axe »

love it.
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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by wololo »

Entry accepted, welcome to the competition :)
If you need US PSN Codes, this technique is what I recommend.

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Re: Localizer™: Translate your XMB!

Post by billys981 »

Awesome!You are the winner!(i think)

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