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Location of/how to fix blown fuse for back lighting on PSPGo

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Location of/how to fix blown fuse for back lighting on PSPGo

Post by HarmfulMushroom » Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:32 am

Unfortunately I wasn't planning on making a thread out of this so I don't have my own pictures of the two consoles I repaired, but I have found pics to use in this really short write up. I'll start by saying this is not an easy repair, especially if done correctly, so if you are not comfortable with a soldering iron best to pay a repair service to do it for you.

While googling around to figure out what might be wrong with these consoles I came across threads talking about a blown fuse being the culprit for no display. I was able to find lots of info about PSP 1000-3000's, but I was only able to locate speculation threads as to which fuse it was on the Go. I mean really anyone could figure out if a fuse is blown by simply using a multimeter, but I just wanted to make a short and sweet thread to confirm the location of the blown fuse on my consoles. Both of these consoles now work 100% perfectly.

Basically if you've done any googling you will probably come across this picture. Their image is correct, the F fuse pictured is at least one of the fuses used for backlighting. From what I could tell there was maybe one or two posts making note of this, but there didn't appear to be a clear answer. And while I say their picture is correct, I will say that it is not smart to use a solder bridge to repair a blown fuse. The fuse blew for a reason and it might happen again, and because it died there is a chance to repair the backlighting. After buying new F fuses and swapping my blown one for a working one the screen lit up once again.

This image contains all possible fuses. I made notes of which fuses of mine did not help with these consoles repairs, but many other people are claiming that backlighting has multiple fuse locations. The middle fuse, the F one, is the only one I can confirm as being used with backlighting, but the others were not blown on my console.

Don't know if anyone really needs this information anymore, but should you have a PSP Go with a blown backlight fuse, the F fuse is the one you want to begin with. Feel free to shoot me a PM if anyone needs help.

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