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Exchange Pokemons for 2 games on gPSP

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Exchange Pokemons for 2 games on gPSP

Post by pokemon14 » Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:53 pm

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to exchange your Pokemons from a save file to another. You know there are a lot of Pokemon that you can only get by exchanges. However, the problem of an emulator is that you can’t connect two for trade. Using this tutorial, you just need a computer and an emulator for it to work! You can finally have all the Pokémon of your dreams. ;)

Let’s take for example, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen for the Game Boy Advance that you can play on PSP with gPSP.

- Take 2 different save files (for example, your primary save file and another save file made in a hurry just to exchange). If you do not know, your save is in PSP ---> GAME ---> GPSP (or gPSP_mod, depending on your version) ---> GBA ---> Service, they are in the form of .sav file.
Once you have found two save files, copy them on the computer, if possible in a folder created for better organizing. Also copy Rom files of your game and, again, put them in a folder.

- Download VBA Link (you can download it here : This is an emulator, as gpSP, but for computer this time. This is a .zip file, so you need winrar (or other decompression software). After opening the file with winrar, we will just use the file "VisualBoyAdvance". Unzip it twice: once in a folder named "SAV1" and once in a second folder named "SAV2." So you have after this step 2 VBA link in each folder.

- Open both VBA link in each folder. To open your games in each window, click: file ---> Open ... and open the Rom of your games. Then open the save files, to do this: file ---> Import ---> Battery. Find your save files and open again in each window.

You will have some adjustments to make before you start trading:

Adjustments STEP 1:
Go to Options, then in Emulator. Then uncheck "Pause When inactive window" and select "Real Time Clock".
Also in Options, go to the Sound section and select "mute".
Go one last time in Option, then "Link", check "Wireless Adapter."
Step 1 of these settings must be made on both windows of VBA Link.

Adjustments STEP 2:
These settings will only affect one window at a time.

In the first window, click again on Option and in Link, click on "Settings". In the "General" tab, make sure that the "Link timeout" is on 2000, otherwise put it on 2000. Then select "Network". In the "Server", select "TCP / IP". Do not do anything in the Client section and click "Start". Do not touch anything, logically there will be a download bar which runs in a loop, with a message "Server IP adress is: ............... (your IP address is displayed ) ": the game will wait for connexion with another save file.

In the second window, in options ---> link ---> settings ---> general, make sure that the "Link timeout" is set in 2000, and check "Network". Do not do anything in the "Server", go directly to the "Client" tab, select "TCP / IP" and enter the IP address. Finally, click "Connect."

Now, the adjustments are done.

Now go to the Troc Centre in Pokemon center. The first window is leader, the second window seal the game.
If you did everything correctly, you will enter the room where you can finally make your exchange.
To put your new backup on your PSP, you can simply do: file ---> Export ---> battery.
The exported backup is normally .sav, so you can just copy it to the GPSP SAV file and replace the old.

It's always better to play it in bed with your PSP rather than behind a computer screen.
Enjoy !!

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Re: Exchange Pokemons for 2 games on gPSP

Post by fouadtjuhmaster » Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:25 am

I did this a while ago.... It's was really awesome to have my Charizard battle alongside my Sceptile in the Battle Frontier

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Re: Exchange Pokemons for 2 games on gPSP

Post by Casavult » Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:57 pm

Great tut.
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Re: Exchange Pokemons for 2 games on gPSP

Post by Davis9278 » Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:06 pm

Some Method for Game Boy Color "Pokemon Silver and Gold"?
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Re: Exchange Pokemons for 2 games on gPSP

Post by fluxperpetua » Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:00 pm

Great tutorial! Totally gonna try this out later this week. ;)

Also, jsyk the plural of Pokemon is still "Pokemon", but don't listen to me because I'm just a huge nerd when it comes to grammar.
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