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Need help i lost all my saves

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Need help i lost all my saves

Post by MeteCobben »

Hello everyone,

Back in the day before henkaku i popped a different memory card in to put a different account on it cause my normal 32 gb card had my banned ps3 accounts psn id on it cause i wanted to play online.

So i activated my vita with new psn id then when i was done i popped the old 32gb card back in with the other account and i found out i couldnt access any of my saves or purchased games cause of the ban. I cant remember if it was cause i couldnt activate vita cause of ban or what happened. So i backed the 32gb card with CMA and formated it after and lost everything.

Now that vita is hacked can i get my saves back? i have the folder CMA dumped from my vita to pc. Im on permanent cfw
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