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Kexploit fundraiser?

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Kexploit fundraiser?

Post by ErnieBall »

I just had the idea of collecting money as an incentive for someone to find / release a kernel exploit that works on 3.60.
I guess there are enough people that would contribute a little to it and we might get enough money to make someone change his mind about not releasing his exploit. Or motivate people to find one.
Of course we would need someone trustworthy like wololo to hold on to the money and make sure, the first person to release an kexploit gets it.
I would gladly start with donating 10$.

What do you guys think? Please let me know.
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Re: Kexploit fundraiser?

Post by yifanlu »

lol @ this idea that comes up every couple of months
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Re: Kexploit fundraiser?

Post by haxxey »

yeah, no, this has been discussed in the past dozens of times.

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