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NGP vs 3ds ?.

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NGP vs 3ds ?.

Post by alexsunnyx123 »


Which do you think will be better the 3ds or the NGP?
If the 3ds had a larger screen and better battery life it would then be better than the NGP but with it's horrible battery life it may fail

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Re: NGP vs 3ds ?.

Post by spiceagent11 »

I believe, that it is a good time to buy a 3DS now. Since I have pretty much ignored the handheld market since GBA, I am totally out of the loop. So, can a fellow patient gamer please give me some advice concerning those questions?:

Is N3DS worth the extra cost? Any exclusive good games?

Is the lack of quality of the 2DS noticable?

Which games are must-play? Including original DS.

thanks :)

Edit: Oh an my main motivation to get a 3DS is Monster Hunter. I don't know which one the best is, though.

Edit2: Thanks for all the answers. I will get the New 3DS XL. The big screen, the nub, Xenoblade and the possibility to make it Homebrew-ready sound pretty awesome.
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