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6.20 PRO or 6.20 HEN for 1.5 kernel on a PSP 3000 04g

All topics regarding downgrading with TN Hen
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6.20 PRO or 6.20 HEN for 1.5 kernel on a PSP 3000 04g

Post by haloboy » Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:24 pm

Hey guys,
Feels glorious to be back into the PSP hacking community. I used to be around the PSP 1.5 hombrew days on and but I am reaching out because I am pretty unfamiliar with the PSP 3000 CFWs.

Long story short. I picked up a PSP 3000 Slim that had a Golden OFW of 6.30. To make matters better, it has a TA-93 mobo and is a 04g model. The only thing I need help with, is picking a PERMANENT CFW that has STRONG support for 1.5 kernel homebrew. I already have a PSP slim on cfw 6.60 LME/PRO-C but it does not run some of my old homebrew. So I do not care about getting this 6.30 to 6.60. Instead, I plan on downgrading to 6.20 to pick either perma PRO or HEN. Which CFW would have the best 1.5 kernel support for me? I also need a guide that doesnt keep referring me to the 6.60 guides(since 6.60 perma wont work on this model). Basically I just want this one to run 1.5 homebrews like my old 3.40 PSP.

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