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3.60 OFW Ipl needed

All topics regarding downgrading with TN Hen
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3.60 OFW Ipl needed

Post by msparky83 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:40 pm

Ok, so i've found my psp slim which I haven't seen in over 8 years. Ive been looking for a whole bunch of scene releases that I knew I would have a hard time finding. i managed to find everything I was interested in except for the ipl that is needed for me to reinstall 3.60 to my original slim. I know itss nostalgic but its something I really want to be able to have, or at least make a backup of. I doubt anyone still has a a nand-dump of their 3.60 OFW, However, if anyone does I would greatly appreciate either the dump (which I don't really need but I can extract the ipl from it) or just the ipl itself. I have already dumped the 360.psar file. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate, and I figured it would be ok to inquire of this seeing as the PSP has been abandoned by SONY. Obviously I completely understand stuff like this cant be posted directly to the forum, but if someone has it and can point me in the right direction and or PM me I would greatly appreciate it. This is the only piece missing to finishing my psp slim exploit collection. Thanks in advance you guys.


So 117 views and not a person who can nudge me in the direction of the ipl.bin that i seek? Still interested if someone has it....if not then I would be totally ok with the Xanadu files if anyone has that.
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Re: 3.60 OFW Ipl needed

Post by DS_Marine » Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:44 pm

I was going to volunteer for downgrading a psp for this, but I read:
"No update to this firmware was ever made available. This firmware was only available pre-installed on the initial release of the PSP Slim & Lite with TA-085 motherboard."
So, it looks like something difficult to come by...
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Re: 3.60 OFW Ipl needed

Post by Cyber » Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:07 pm

221184 bytes (216 KB)
MD5: 281AE2B0AF9F3F15F5336877C662F029
SHA-1: 1CDD0ED8A3F9B9F62600E038C489B8C830C258E1

I'm also looking for this. I already have all the other files needed for the downgrade to OFW 3.60 except the official IPL.

The closest I could get in my search is this:
FreePlay wrote:FW 3.60 Installer by FreePlay


* Complete 3.60 Firmware dump, ENCRYPTED, with NO sigchecks. To obtain this, install 3.60m33 on a slim PSP, dump flash0 to your PC, then run the files through jas0nuk's prxdecrytper with the 'unsigcheck' option.

* 3.60 IPL. To obtain this
1. Uninstall 3.60m33 (you can do this with the 3.60m33 installer... read the readme for details). Use Pandora and cory1492's nandTool to dump the 3.60 NAND to your memory stick.
2. In a hex editor, go to offset 0x42000 in the NAND dump. Copy the following 0x36000 bytes (221184 bytes) 0x37B00 bytes (228096 bytes) to a new file. This is the IPL. [correct IPL size added by me - Cyber]

* A Pandora setup capable of loading an ELF. Examples include cory1492's nandTool or jas0nuk's ELF menu.

* Three modules from the 3.52 firmware updater. Extract the DATA.PSP file from the update EBOOT and use jas0nuk's prxdecrypter to unpack it AND decrypt the modules. The modules you'll need are:
1. sceLFatFs_Updater_Driver.prx --> ms0:/elf/sceLFatFs_Updater_Driver_352.prx
2. sceLflashFatfmtUpdater.prx --> ms0:/elf/sceLflashFatfmtUpdater_352.prx
3. sceNAND_Updater_Driver.prx --> ms0:/elf/sceNAND_Updater_Driver_352.prx

* The 360_installer.elf file, of course. Put it in ms0:/elf/. ... aller.html
(although the original thread is still up, only its archived version contains the downloadable zip file. I would have attached it to this post for the convenience if there was no 256KiB file size limit on this forum.)

If someone can still contact the people who replied in that thread, there's a chance to find out whether they still have their dumps or not anymore.

Unsigchecked 3.60 files can be taken from 3.60-M33 installed in the Time Machine.
3.60 IPL is the subject of this thread.
Pandora setup is not a problem, and the three PRXs aren't a problem either.
Installer ELF is in the ZIP file mentioned above.

Edit: I'll also add the logs from 3.60 M33 installer:
[spoiler]M33_360_INSTALL_LOG.TXT when installed over 3.60 OFW:

Code: Select all

Install initialization... OK 
Reading IPL... OK 
Verifying ipl... OK 
Flashing custom IPL... OK 
Loading updater modules... OK 
Assigning flashes... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/pspbtjnf_02g.bin (13471)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/pspbtknf_02g.bin (5292)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/pspbtlnf_02g.bin (5370)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/systemctrl.prx (18892)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/vshctrl.prx (11643)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/usbdevice.prx (4475)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/vsh/module/recovery.prx (26225)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/idcanager.prx (2653)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/popcorn.prx (2112)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/galaxy.prx (3177)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/kd/march33.prx (5729)... OK 
Flashing file flash0:/vsh/module/satelite.prx (6999)... OK 
Flashing file flash1:/ (72)... OK 

Installation succesfull, welcome to the M33 galaxy.


Code: Select all

Install initialization... OK
Reading IPL... OK
Verifying ipl... Failed -> Not the expected IPL

Code: Select all

Uninstall initialization... OK
Reading IPL... OK
Verifying ipl... Failed -> Not the expected IPL
Flashing back SCE IPL... OK
...which results in a software brick.[/spoiler]
So getting the official IPL by uninstalling 3.60 M33 seems to be impossible because installing it in the first place requires said IPL. There's a possibility that it's embedded in the installer and could be somehow extracted, but I wouldn't count on it and can't really confirm/deny it either.

Edit 2: The installer of 3.60 M33 was released as a RAR archive "360M33_for_Slim.rar" with password "_I_LOVE_M33_Slim_Conquered"

Edit 3: About the 3.60 firmware installer by Xanadu mentioned in the first post. It's a long dead torrent (dead to the point of not having a single hit on all major search engines for any of its files). Nevertheless, I'm adding this info for clarification.

Edit 4: Note that IPL size of 221184 bytes (216 KB) refers to ipl.bin extracted from NAND raw, i.e. before using unspare.exe from FreePlay's package. ipl.bin.unspare file produced by that utility for flashing back to PSP-2000 will take 214016 bytes (209 KB), as I originally - erroneously - posted for ipl.bin. So checksums and hashes above belong to ipl.bin, not to ipl.bin.unspare. is the correct size of IPL after applying unspare.exe utility, so ipl.bin mentioned above is already unspare'd/cleaned up; there's no need for any further processing as that ipl.bin is exactly what 360_flasher.elf expects.

I can confirm that ipl.bin above works with 360_flasher.elf as is. This is what you must end up with after:
- extracting IPL with spare bytes from NAND dump taken from PSP-2000 with OFW 3.60
Open your NAND dump in a hex editor, go to offset 0x42000 and copy the following 0x37B00 bytes (NOT 0x36000! 0x36000 = 221184 is the size of IPL without spare bytes, while 0x37B00 is the raw size of IPL in the NAND dump with spare bytes) into a new file, "raw_ipl.bin" for example.
- removing spare bytes from raw IPL using unspare.exe from FreePlay's package
Simply drag and drop "raw_ipl.bin" onto unspare.exe, and it will create "raw_ipl.bin.unspare" file, which you must rename to just "ipl.bin"
If your ipl.bin matches checksums and hashes at the top of this post, you can safely flash it to your PSP-2000 (after having prepared a NAND backup of whatever firmware your PSP is running at the moment) from whatever Pandora setup you have. If you have none, try UPMSInstaller v4 - it worked for me.
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Re: 3.60 OFW Ipl needed

Post by msparky83 » Sun Mar 13, 2016 5:24 am

Thank you guys for replying, it means a lot to me. I have however acquired the file I was looking for. I appreciate the help from the both of you regardlessly. :)
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Re: 3.60 OFW Ipl needed

Post by Yoti » Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:03 pm

May you send it to me via PM?

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Re: 3.60 OFW Ipl needed

Post by Klink » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:41 am

Alright Thanks!

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Re: 3.60 OFW Ipl needed

Post by bmw528i7 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:18 pm

Anyone can send it to me via PM? Many thanks!

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