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Psp virus??

Everything that is PSP-related but doesn't go in any other subforum
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Psp virus??

Post by Pakodx »

There seems to be a stealth Homebrew running in my psp
The other day I installed some isos into it, mostly from [removed by mod]
And since then many games refuse to boot, they stay still in a black screen (it's still possible to press home and quit, but might hang on the please wait )
Some games hang on the psp boot screen
And the games that do run, are running very poorly
Later I noticed that that's because the system is taking screenshots of the game non-stop
(Had 600 screenshots from 5 minutes of burnout dominator)
The psp keeps putting the system on mute too, it's like the home button keeps being pressed to mute the system, but really it never even displays the menu to quit games and that stuff, it just muted it
Pressing vol up or down seems to stop it for a while but pressing home will make it mute the system again in less than 3 seconds

I think there's a Homebrew because the system has created a folder for the screenshots of the games that hang on the psp boot, and the folder is called "Homebrew"

For the record, my psp buttons are fine and this only started happening after I ran GenSan (the European version of hammering hero ) that I got from Emuparadise

Probably unrelated but other games I added when this happened:

Irregular Hunter x
Rockman rockman
Burning dominator
Itadaki street, translation v0.3
What did to deserve this my Lord 2
Airu de pazuru-
Final fantasy tactics pt-br .cso
Kenka banchou ( redump )

I'd be really grateful if someone could help me fix my psp and pluck out this thing so I can play again
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Re: Psp virus??

Post by NNNRT »

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Are you sure you do not have any plugins enabled? Since you mentioned screenshots and mute, I think you have PRXshot enabled. Disable your game plugins. And no, there is no such thing as a PSP "virus"
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Re: Psp virus??

Post by markwn »

my friend scared me the same way! I asked him where the virus might come from?

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Re: Psp virus??

Post by ManyLeezzee »

In the first I hear that there may be a virus on the PSP. How can I get it there?
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Re: Psp virus??

Post by ReubenDollmanYT »

it is most likly the game has cfu protection or the iso on first boot aprhened a plugin to scplugins and to game.txt or a plugin is just missbehaveing
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