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DaedalusX64 r747 signed + 17 cool wallpapers

Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
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DaedalusX64 r747 signed + 17 cool wallpapers

Post by varun »

DaedalusX64 is a N64 Emulator for PSP.
compatibility list is here -
latest revision-
Preview Pics
these are previw pictures of the roms ,steps-
1) Go here and click "Download GNU Tarbal". This is basically a zip file with all the files in the current svn folder (which the previews are in). ... Resources/
2)Open up the tarball extract the Preview folder to your DaedalusX64 Resources folder on your PSP.
DaedalusX64-747 will run from ofw. its cool.

r747 -
r747 with extra GUI colors and control schemes with edited XMB images

r747 -
r747 with extra GUI colors and control schemes with edited XMB images
Upgrading istructions(New)(important)
Grab the link and unzip it. Delete all *.hle files(in SaveGames) as well as preferences.ini and rom.db from your memory stick. These files (*.hle, rom.db, and preferences.ini) are rebuilt when you use the software and are version specific. Then you can copy it to your current folder on your PSP and overwrite all the old files. Now you are guaranteed to be starting fresh.
{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 416 - Corn
[!] Fixed CPU clipping (used for reference and is ~5% slower than VFPU)
[!] Fixed Kirby blend and removed offending blend for Rocket-robot on wheels (tnx Bdcanay)
[!] Disabled Loop Opt for Rocket-Robot on wheels
Rev 417 - Corn
[!] Optimized CPU and VFPU VectorClip
[!] Reduced max number of clipped verts to 192 from 1024 (saving some memory)
Rev 418 - Corn
[!] Use another(faster) way to front/back face cull to avoid using 1/w for the cross product.
[!] small update/boost to reference CPU clip.
[!] optimized both VFPU and CPU clip flag generation
[+] added hack to make memory opt work in PD
Rev 419 - Salvy
[+] Add back compile option to disable VFPU code(Note : Not all VFPU code is suppressed yet)
Rev 420 - Corn
[!] fixed compiler adding more mults than needed for front/back face culling test
[!] fixed all compile warnings in release mode
Rev 421 - Salvy
[!] Optimized LoadFPR_Long
[!] Don't use pspFpuFloatToDouble (adds too much bloat and is only used by a few games, anyways I doubt it helps at all..)
[!] Small optimization in TLBP
Rev 422 - Salvy
[!] Forgot this
Rev 424 - Corn
[!] Various improvements and simplifications in TnL of Conker and PD
Rev 426 - Salvy
[!] Simplified set/fetch ucode names
[!] Patch ucode name tables to create custom name tables (Dlist dumps of custom ucodes are accurate now)
[+] Added GBI1_S2DEX ucode name table
Rev 427 - Corn
[!] fixed dlist debug text and warnings
Rev 428 - Salvy
[!] Clean ups in DLParser_SetUcode
[~] Reverted change from 421, was breaking several games (thx re4thewin for reporting it)}

{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 408 - Corn
[+] Optimized palette loading (bypassing copy to TMEM) for a speed up in some games
[+] Old TMEM emulation is a compile option in buildconfig.h
[-] removed redundant texture info in struct
[-] TMEM is not using VRAM (was no speed benefit)
Rev 409 - Salvy
[!] Forgot to sort MoveMem and MoveWord
[!] Some clean up, mostly in S2DEX
[!] Reverted changes to DLParser_InitGeometryMode, it only made the code less readable
Rev 410 - Salvy
[!] Code clean ups and simplified some things here and there
[!] Make DLParser_PopDL static to hint compiler to inline (saves ~20 ops)
[!] Reverted changes to DLParser_GBI2_GeometryMode, only made code less readable
Rev 411 - Salvy
[~] Opps, removed SetTextureGenLin by error :P
Rev 412 - Salvy
[+] Patch normal ucode tables to create "custom" ucode tables
[!] Removed all custom ucode tables since they aren't needed anymore (saves alot of space to binary)
[!] Set ucodes, patch ucodes, set vtx multiplier in one go (ToDo : set ucode names in one go too)
Rev 413 - Corn
[!] Reduced (even more) memory usage for new TMEM implementation(1/4 of original)
[!] Fixed textures in Golden Eye
[~] Some cleaning in DLParser.
Rev 414 - Salvy
[!] Simplified and added comments to SetUcode (~100 ops)
Rev 515 - Salvy
[~] Silly typo from last commit}

r731 -(unofficial)
{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 407 - Salvy
[!] Sorted all ucodes and moved them to headers to make development easier and make sure cod placement is optimal (Note : More clean ups and sorting are needed)}

{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 401 - Corn
[!] Sprites are somewhat improved in DKR (still needs work)
[!] Fixed PD boot crash (tnx Bdcanay and Salvy)
[!] Share same global variable for special address in PD, DKR and CBFD
Rev 402 - Corn
[!] forgot to change these in last commit
Rev 403 - Corn
[!] Getting closer to proper rendering of sprites in DKR
[!] Simplified DRK TnL pipeline
[!] Fixed debug output of TnL for DKR
Rev 404 - Corn
[!] More refinements to DKR "sprites"
Rev 405 - Corn
[~] Correction to DKR "sprites"
Rev 406 - Corn
[!] small optimization for DKR, only load WPmatrix to GE when needed}

{[~] Forgot to update roms.ini..}

{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 386 - Salvy
[!] Tidy check to update when rumble is active
Rev 387 - Salvy
[!] Simplified memory access analysis (shoves off 3k+ ops in StaticAnalysis.cpp)
[!] Simplified parameters in CodeGen
Rev 388 - Salvy
[!] Simplified even more memory access analysis (~1k ops in StaticAnalysis.cpp, I think this the fastest it can get)
Rev 389 - Salvy
[!] Disable SimulateDoubles for Power Puff game (fixes the ingame gfx etc)
Rev 390 - Corn
[!] Some rendering pipeline fixes and optimizations
[!] Changed amount and order of render states
[!] Updated DList debug output
Rev 391 - Salvy
[~] Minor optimizations in GFX plugin
[!] Don't declare blendmodes as statics since it only makes the binary larger and most games only use a few blends.
Rev 392 - Corn
[!] modified/reverted some of the previous commit since it breaks scaling and debug outputs
Rev 393 - Corn
[!] TEXRECT seems to work fine even in GE when discarding decimal part in coordinates (tnx Salvy)
Rev 394 - Corn
[!] Fixed texture scaling glitch (and simplified transform pipeline) in Conker.
[!] Small change in Vector clipping ASM (scale whole matrix rather than just one vector at the time).
[!] Some clean up in gspmacros and PSPRenderer.
[+] Alternative transform pipeline (using CPU/FPU) for Conker (WIP)
Rev 395 - Corn
[+] Semi fixed missing sprites in DKR (still needs more work, at least now they show up).
[!] Optimized the DKR TnL rendering pipeline.
Rev 396 - Salvy
[!] Unified DKR and JFG ucode tables
[!] Simplified DKR/JFG's Vtx ucode
[!] Simplified abit MoveWord_DKR
Rev 397 - Corn
[!] Optimized TnL paths for DKR
[~] Fixed compile error for enable texture (debug Dlist)
Rev 398 - Salvy
[~] Some code reordering and small clean ups
Rev 399 - Corn
[-] Reverted Texrect since it does not work well with GE after all
[!] Reduced MaxUcode to 11 (saves some memory)
Rev 400 - Salvy
[!] Forgot to update the vertex multiplier table (this was breaking most custom ucodes, sorry!)}

{[!] Reverted changes from CodeGenPSP (it wasn't meant to be committed yet}

{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 363 - Salvy
[!] inlined GetChunkStartAddress and AddressToChunkMapIndex (saving ~20 ops)
[!] Made ContainsAddress debug only
Rev 364 - Salvy
[+] Added QuickWrite_Long/QuickRead_Long (these are usually 50% faster when the compiler isn't able to optimize Read64Bits/Write64Bits, mostly happens when we need to combine two FPU registers into one long )
[!] Use QuickRead_Long for LDC1 (~24 ops)
Rev 365 - Salvy
[!] Revert previous commit, need to test further
Rev 366 - Corn
[+] Started work on DKR/JFG custom ucodes (WIP)
Rev 367 - Corn
[+] Fixes to polygons in Jet Force
[+] Fixed polygon clipping DKR/Jet force
Rev 368 - Corn
[!] Some additional fixes to DKR/Gemini
Rev 369 - Corn
[+] WIP on for rendering Perfect Dark
[!] Some optimizations in the rendering pipelines
Rev 370 - Corn
[!] Updates to PD rendering pipeline
[!] Some minor updates (TEXGEN) to other rendering pipelines
Rev 371 - Corn
[!] some minor tweaks in the rendering pipelines (DKR/PD/Conker)
Rev 372 - Corn
[!] Fixed Debug Dlist bug (crash in DKR)
[!] Alloc corrected meaning of video memory errors
[!] Added info to take picture or resume game in Debug Dlist menu
Rev 373 - Salvy
[!] Fixed static in textures in DKR/Mickey/JetForce Gemini
[!] Simplified DLInMem (heavily used by DKR)
[!] Fixed bug in ucode cache that was breaking menu in SSV
[+] Added blendmode for Mountains in Majora's Mask (thx chito for reporting it)
Rev 374 - Corn
[!] Fixed texture loading for JFG and Mickey
[!] Some small optimizations to BranchZ/TestVerts/FlushTris/AddTris
[!] Fixed some debug output status texts
Rev 375 - Corn
[!] This time it seems as if BranchZ really works for OOT & MM (more work is needed for proper function in Aerogauge and Penny racers)
[!] Remove custom back culling for DKR (use normal)
Rev 376 - Corn
[!] Optimized SimulateDouble and updated roms.ini
Rev 377 - Bdacanay
[+] Added cheats to most N64 games.
[+] Added some blends for DKR
Rev 378 - Salvy
[!] Optimized and simplified DKR/JFG's Mtx ucode
Rev 379 - Corn
[!] Some additional fixes to DLParser_Mtx_DKR()
[!] Rewrite CPU version of SetNewVertexInfo() to look more consistent(and faster)
Rev 380 - Corn
[!] Disable Simulate doubles for conker
[!] Fixed various debug output for DKR/PD
[!] Optimized standard CPU rendering a bit more
Rev 381 - Salvy
[!] Increase number of cheat slots per ROM to 16 (since we have plenty of memory now to allocate cheats)
[+] Added a very basic scroller for cheat list (needs work!)
Rev 382 - Salvy
[!] Truncate any excess of cheats to avoid wasting memory
Rev 383 - Salvy
[!] Reverted changes to Patch_memcpy from B3 Update (was breaking SpiderMan, thx chito for reporting it)
Rev 384 - Salvy
[!] Bring back changes to Patch_memcpy
[!] Check if len==0(NOP!) in Patch_memcpy (fixes SpiderMan)
Rev 385 - Salvy
[!] Fixed a blendmode for Majora's Mask
[-] Removed RDP_EMULATE_TMEM option (It only slowed down and never helped any game, also added more logic to our code)
[!] Avoid setting Tile/TileSize twice
[!] Simplified parameters for SetTile/SetTileSize
[!] Simplified setting pitch tile}

{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 347 - Corn
[+] added ROM setting to enable Body Harvest and Night Creatures to boot
[!] modified IRQs
[+] added roms.ini for GEX3, Donald Duck and Rayman2
Rev 348 - Salvy
[!] Simplified and optimized TLB refill/invalid exceptions
[~] Simplified CopUnusuable exceptions
Rev 349 - Salvy
[-] Removed experimental interrupts (was pretty much a test anyways)
[~] Simplified abit UseIRQmode check, and added comments
[!] By mistake I removed to clear pi status reg in DMA_PI_CopyFromRDRAM...fixed
Rev 350 - Corn
[!] Improved speed in PIF CRC calculations (w/o using table)
[!] Proper name to IRQ hack -> SkipPifIRQ
Rev 351 - Salvy
[!] Clean up options etc (Removed option to disable Stack Optimization, it works perfectly fine with all the games, there's no point to disable it)
Rev 352 - Corn
[~] Keep texture in the cache a little longer to avoid swapping textures in and out
Rev 353 - Salvy
[!] Add back hack for Aydin, since the assumption I took was breaking Rampage
Rev 354 - Salvy
[!] Enable callbacks when gprof build is compiled
[!] Unlocked volatile memory (this unlocks 4mbs extra of memory) (credits to JJS)
[!] Disabled suspend mode (this won't work anymore when volatile memory is unlocked) (credits to JJS)
Note: The only side effects when volatile memory is used is that suspend and dialogs won't work I won't affect us though, since we don't depend on neither ;)
Note2: This is pretty much a test, only cheat codes are allocated in volatile mem atm.
Rev 355 - Salvy
[!] Forgot VolatileMemPSP.cpp
Rev 356 - Salvy
[!] Stop and unload imposectrl.prx after we impose HOME button (is only required once for that task anyways)
[!] Stop and unload dvemgr.prx if no tv out cables were connected.
Rev 357 - Salvy
[!] Created wrapper to make it easier to manage modules (since we have plenty ;p)
[!] Simplified inits of our modules
Rev 358 - Corn
[+] Enable to choose 32bit color mode at boot time by pressing "Circle" until splash screen shows up (default is 16bit)
Rev 359 - Corn
[+] Show 32/16Bit choice in splash screen
Rev 360 - Corn
[!] Optimized unaligned load/store (saving ~340 OPs)
[!] Moved alloc/free fonts to Create/Destroy so it won't happen every frame when showing splash screen
Rev 361 - Salvy
[~] Fixed text in splash screen
[!] Avoid creating two instances of intrafont
Rev 362 - Corn
[-] removed bit info from main menu
[!] Cosmetic change to splash screen }

{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 331 - Corn
[!] let compiler inline R4300_JumpToInterruptVector() since it only adds ~100 bytes to .exe
[!] reorganize and improve checks in R4300_Handle_Interrupt()
[!] speedup and use 32bit (instead of 64bit) in DDIV and DDIVU when possible
Rev 332 - Salvy
[!] Optimized CPU_SetCompare
Rev 333 - Salvy
!] Made COP0 registers 32bit (to save a few cycles, since the values written aren't 64bit anyways)
Rev 334 - Salvy
[+] Implemented MFC0 in dynarec
Rev 335 - Salvy
[!] Optimized CTC1 in dynarec
Rev 336 - Corn
[!] some small optimizations in code generator
[-] removed non working fix for TV output
Rev 337 - Salvy
[~] Corrected typo from previous commit which broke GenerateCACHE (Corn)
[!] Enabled option to ignore memory bound checking in release mode (slight speed up)
Rev 338 - Salvy
[~] Fixed EXPERIMENTAL_INTERRUPTS option (when defined, Body Harvest and Nightmare Creatures work)
Rev 339 - Salvy
[!] inlined(again) R4300_JumpToInterruptVector (reduces # of ops from 239 to 299 in Interrupts.cpp)}

{[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 331 - Salvy
[!] Simplified alpha test checks
[!] Simplified and inline SetMux
[~] Removed hack for Aidyn (no longer needed)
[~] Do not test for GU_GREATER in alpha threshold mode (was breaking Aidym)
[!] Fixed debug build
Rev 332 - Salvy
[~] Corrected order of rt and rs in SPECIAL opcodes that had it incorrect
[~] DSUBU/ADDU should be unsigned
Rev 333 - Corn
[!] small optimization of StoreFPR_Double()
[~] clean up some redundant code in math.h
Rev 334 - Salvy
[!] Optimize interrupts (this time shouldn't cause issues)
[!] Check first if interrupts are enabled to avoid wasting time checking for pending interrupts
Rev 335 - Salvy
[!] Optimized out instances of status reg
Rev 336 - Salvy
[+] Different approach to check for Cop1 Unusuable exceptions (previous approach added too much bloat to the emulator)
Rev 337 - Salvy
[!] Bump up OSHLE cache version}
Latest changes can be found here too ... /?view=log

Older Versions
get some 5 crazy but cool wallpapers

added more pic1 s, increased to 17(thanks to many people)
slide-show- ... pic2vw.png

download here
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Re: DaedalusX64 beta 3 signed

Post by varun »

off topic: but i wonder why forums dont accept bmp bcoz i use sceenshotbmp.prx. :cry: :evil:
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Re: DaedalusX64 beta 3 signed

Post by 191free »

i wanna get to know how you guys solve audio issues :?:
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Re: DaedalusX64 beta 3 signed

Post by kooldude »

i used asyncnhoriuos ..and not the syncnoris sometimes fixs the audio like on mario 64 the game will crash with the one without the "a" in the beginning but not with the other one with it in ....i know im a bit confusing :P
psp go
6.20 TN-C ------> TN-D when it comes out
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Post by Rare »

Thanks for this post, I originally tried it and then it told me that I needed CFW :evil:
When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

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Re: Thanks

Post by varun »

Rare wrote:Fourth!
Thanks for this post, I originally tried it and then it told me that I needed CFW :evil:
it doesent need a cfw if u replace new eboot.pbp with old one. all it needs is firmware above 5.03 or 5.00
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Re: DaedalusX64 beta 3 signed

Post by varun »

awesome more than 700 downloads
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Post by Rare »

varun wrote:
Rare wrote:Fourth!
Thanks for this post, I originally tried it and then it told me that I needed CFW :evil:
it doesent need a cfw if u replace new eboot.pbp with old one. all it needs is firmware above 5.03 or 5.00
>.< I mean, the first time I tried it, without the OFW eboot.
When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

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Re: DaedalusX64 beta 3 signed + five crazy wallpapers

Post by waratte »

I'm confused by their way of doing things. Should I use this or the latest revision?
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Re: DaedalusX64 beta 3 signed + five crazy wallpapers

Post by varun »

waratte wrote:I'm confused by their way of doing things. Should I use this or the latest revision?
this is present latest revision and it can play pokemon battle stadium2 also.
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