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Aircrack-ng psp

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Aircrack-ng psp

Post by noname120 »

In an attempt to find how to switch the psp's wireless chip into the monitoring mode (aka promiscuous mode), I started to reverse wlan modules.
As the time lacks, I unveil my current work with the hope that someone will want to continue this project. I only started to reverse wlan.prx as far.
Tools I used:
-Prxtools fixed by VF
-The Mars emulator to test the effects of instructions on the registers
-A NID table psp.xml built by Coldbird and VF

So, here are the download links:
-Tools (prxtools, nid table...):
-Current reverse work:
-wlan.prx of the 6.60fw and wlanfirm of the pspgo:

Here is what the code currently looks like:

So, the reverse is not finished and I didn't find every structure, nor did I find the use of every field.

I hope someone will be interrested in, when the reverse will be done, we'll know how to put the wlan chip in monitoring mode thus allowing us to easily port airodump-ng and aircrack-ng on the psp :)
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