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Looking for interviewees who want to contribute to a PSP homebrew and Hacking History

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Looking for interviewees who want to contribute to a PSP homebrew and Hacking History

Post by murphd6 »

Hi Everyone,
First time poster here.
I am an academic, named David Murphy, currently working on on a research project through which I am trying to piece together the history of homebrew software (and firmware) written for the PSP. I'm legit, and I have co-written a previous article on the Dreamcast homebrew scene, which you can check out my website at

Currently, I'm looking to interview folk who have been involved in the scene who would like to have their stories told.
I'm also looking to collect memories, of homebrew software and firmware, that would provide a good snapshot of the scenes diversity. You can choose to have your name mentioned in the project, or can remain anonymous if you like.

Why am I doing this? The PSP scene is arguably one of, if not the most, vibrant and successful hombrew scenes that exists. And its history is in danger of being lost,for a lot of the forums that it developed through are being shut down. As a result, I believe that the story of PSP homebrew needs to be shared before its too late, so if anyone else feels the same and has any recommendations, or would like to be interviewed please let me know. Part of this project will also be updating the wikipedia page, which has some useful information, but is missing a lot of important info.

If your interested, feel free to share some memories and/or recommendations below. And I can be reached by email at, if you have time and would like to arrange an interview. I'm also trying to get in touch with Fanjita(David Court) or Dark Alex, so if anyone knows of there last whereabouts, it would be helpful.
Thanks for reading and keeping PSP homebrew alive,
All the best,
Darth Agnon
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Re: Looking for interviewees who want to contribute to a PSP homebrew and Hacking History

Post by Darth Agnon »

So good that you're picking up the torch on this. There are some fascinating stories out there. Wondering, are you looking exclusively at the PSP scene, or the Vita scene that grew from it, too?

I've been following since 2014; caught the tail end of the PSP scene and saw some of the beginnings of the Vita scene. Dunno how clued up you are already, but some leads you might find interesting:

- Wagic, the Homebrew?! (original forum at - the best PSP homebrew, an MTG simulator for which @frwololo started this very website (I recall he said something to that effect in the Wagic theme release article linked in my sig) (forum's not busy, mainly i-am-not-one, kevlahnota, Tacoghandi, wagicmagic28. Sometimes myself, too)
- woolio (NB not wololo), who made the last great PSP homebrew by making the perfect Minecraft port (based off Lamecraft, from the PSP Genesis Competition)
- Total_Noob/theflow0, his early work on the PSP emu on the Vita got some controversy, such that he changed online ID. He won the Revitalize competition with VitaShell, and has built on it since then. He made TN-V and Adrenaline, the PSP emulation solutions on the Vita, and contributed to the PSP scene before my time.
- Acid Snake, who (arguably) precipitated the direction the Vita scene took: it was limited to PSP game exploits on the Vita, until he leaked a load. Lost scene rep, but the scene took different, more native vectors afterwards.
- Team molecule, who cracked the Vita - notably Yifan Lu, theflow0, xyz, etc.
- Competitions: the PSP Genesis competion, the PS Vita Revitalize competition

It's a fascinating story, better than a soap opera at times :D

Live long and prosper!

Darth Agnon
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Re: Looking for interviewees who want to contribute to a PSP homebrew and Hacking History

Post by wololo »

Nice idea. I sent you an email as I'm not sure if the forum is the most appropriate place to discuss. (Although I don't mind posting things here either)
If you need US PSN Codes, this technique is what I recommend.

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