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PRX Unbricker v1.2 released !

Unleash the full power of your PSP with a Custom Firmware.
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The Z
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PRX Unbricker v1.2 released !

Post by The Z »


Developer West-Li released his PRX Unbricker in version 1.2 which is now compatible with the firmware 6.60 and the PSP go model. Several bugs were fixed and new options added, e.g. the downgrade option.
With prx unbricker it is possible to unbrick your semibricked PSP, so it can be rescued from the semibricked status.

PRX Unbricker has the ability to update the firmware, to downgrade the firmware, repair the index files of the psp, if they are corrupted and it can launch the recovery flasher (Not supported for PSP 2000 TA-088v3 and newer models).
PRX Unbricker isnt compatible with the PSP E1000, every other PSP is supported!

Download: PRX Unbricker v1.2
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Re: PRX Unbricker v1.2 released !

Post by the-green »

Thank you ;)
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Re: PRX Unbricker v1.2 released !

Post by Casavult »

Very nice! All we need now is VLF for DCv9. :D
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Re: PRX Unbricker v1.2 released !

Post by West-Li »

Casavult wrote:Very nice! All we need now is VLF for DCv9. :D
its not hard to make it ;) i have a VLF resurrection.prx for 6.60 i wanted to send to neur0n but he dont want :) i think he want code that prx himself :)

you can see it on my twitter: [url]http:/[/url]
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Re: PRX Unbricker v1.2 released !

Post by christian »

i have the vita but i waz wondering will i be able to unbrick my semibricked psp 3000 i would like to play isos and wait till they make an iso loader for the vita
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Re: PRX Unbricker v1.2 released !

Post by Punker69 »

im too late to this Scene. i was Wow again.. Nice Tool
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