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Gran Turismo 5 unobtainable trophies

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 5:55 pm
by agwagargaw
Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions.
1. Does the PS3TIG change the size of some file ... s-110.html
post #987 and #988 mention it. (28.3kB instead of 25.3kB)
Is this repaired in recent versions of the tool?
2. I have legitimatelly obtained almost all trophies in GT5 (so 4 trophies are still needed for plat), and they are all synced. But I am missing 2 online (unobtainable) trophies, so can I unlock them with this tool, and than unlock other 2 again legitimatelly (256 colors and B-spec peak of career), meaning playing the game and than unlocking it during the gameplay? I am asking this question because I read somewhere after using PS3TIG, it is impossible to unlock trophies with the gameplay. I want to legitimatelly unlock last 2 obtainable trophies so platinum will pop up legitimatelly, and I do not want to unlock platinum with the tool since I am not sure what should be the timestamp for platinum, is it the same as the timestamp of the last trophy or a couple of seconds (or even miliseconds) later....

I am interested in this because all my trophies are earned legit, so no modding, this is the only thing that I want to mod. And I do not care about trophy-tracking sites like psnprofiles, I just want to be sure that although sony does not track trophy-modding, even they can not flag me for some possible future banhammer. Basically the first question is asked only because of this.

TLDR; can I unlock 2 unobtainable GT5 trophies with this tool, and continue unlocking other trophies legitimatelly? Trophies are already synced.