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How do I play my legit PSN DJMax Portable 3 on 6.61PRO?

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How do I play my legit PSN DJMax Portable 3 on 6.61PRO?

Post by sloppycrap » Sat May 02, 2015 9:14 pm

So I bought a copy of DJMax Portable 3 from US PSN. It doesn't work on either of my PSPGo or PSP 3000, but *does* work on my PSP 1000, whether I have CFW activated or not. All three have quickrazor87's build of PRO 6.61 from here: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=41249. None are permanently installed.

The 1000 works whether or not I have CFW activated. Both the 3000 and the Go turn off after the gameboot and Warning: screens. There was a bug posted on the CFW bugs list that had lots of advice on how to fix the problem but nothing other than sleeping the machine after the Warning screen works. No one uses my 1000 anymore, since the analog stick is f%&ked. My kids use the 3000, and the Go is *mine*. Is there any way to make this work reliably, other than making an ISO? That's not a problem, but I'd rather have my paid-for stuff work correctly.

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