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Gekihen Voting Thread: Best Emulator/Port ($200)

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:26 pm
by wololo

This is the voting thread for the best emulator/port in the GekiHEN competition. The best entry will win $200.
Please note that the results of the votes on this site alone do not determine the winner: The other sponsor sites are also having a voting on their end. We will combine the results from all sites + add overweighted votes from the sponsors as well.

pfba by cpasjuste
uae4all by cpasjuste
vOpenTyrian by cpasjuste
Prince of Persia by cpasjuste
Another World Vita by Enrique Somolinos PĂ©rez
HOTA by usineur
Minicraft by Rinnegatamante
Bermuda-Vita by usineur
ZeldaROTH by usineur
BlockOut II 2.5 by bomblik
GNU Robbo by bomblik
OpenSyobon Vita by Rinnegatamante