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[Design Competition] VitaShell

HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
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[Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by TheFloW »

Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a major VitaShell update which will feature the ability to mount USB Storage Device as Memory Card (ONLY FOR PSTV). Yes, you've read it right, you'll be able to run games and homebrews from your USB Stick.

After one year of development on VitaShell I think it's time for a new look. So I'm now launching a competition where you guys can submit your themes until the 19.2.2017, then some judges and me (or maybe poll) will pick the best one and this will be used as default theme for the upcoming VitaShell.
You are of course free to design whatever you like, but I highly suggest simplistic themes that give hacker feelings :P
The only obligation is that it must be a brand new theme, not one that has already been released.
There is actually no "price" to win, let's say it's more about the pride that thousands of people will use your theme everyday.
Or consider the upcoming VitaShell as a community gift.

For more information about VitaShell check these links:

I'm looking forward to creative creations from you guys.

UPDATE: New deadline is 13.3.17, in addition, a prize will be given by
UPDATE 2: Each participant is allowed to submit 3 themes in maximum. You can of course delete your previous theme in order to submit a new one. MULTIACCOUNT IS FORBIDDEN!
UPDATE 3: Please remember to add extra space for the 'Sort by' entry in the context menu image.
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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by Berion2 »

I'm not sure if my work qualify but it's worth a try. Half year ago, when Vita scene exploded and VitaShell was in orphanage state, I've made a GUI for *non-existent* application called VITAIO (appname just as an example). Unfortunately, no one interested in this so... maybe this time? It's worth at least look. ^^"

I've made several GUI's and skins across many years, including i.e GUI for Free McBoot 1.8-18.c and Rebugification skin for PS3/PSV, also I have commercial experience in indie games. Which means I also understand how this professionally cut and convert to save resources.

Well, I know You are asking for skin, not for a new GUI which made current skins incompatible (and angry their creators ;)). But I also thinking about transform this app into something more than just simple file manager. In my vision, after launch this app, user will see a "bubbles", which can be created by any developer as some kind of plugin which can be attached/detach to/from "dash". One of those "plugins" could be of course an file manager. Just an idea.

And sorry for my broken English. ;)
vitaio_submenu_filemanager_2.jpg (206.37 KiB) Viewed 19937 times
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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by bazgee »

My Entries. Click on the images below to go to the respective post.


Themes Downloads
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My Vita Shell Competition Themes:

BazGee Dark
BazGee Blue
BazGee Stickman

Twitter @BazGee2
GitHub bazgee
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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by mustapha89 »

thank you man you are my hero

Peace from iraq
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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by Kenshindono »

Great idea!

3D background effect would be great for vitashell :D

This need more time but the idea is here. something more 3Dish would be good

For example : colorizing this and correcting it

and apply this color model I've made

Hopefully someone will win this using modern 3D effects
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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by draqen »

The first thing, I'm sorry for my English, it's not my n language.

  VitaLines, is my theme for vitashell 1.51.


More screenshots:

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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by hexa »

bazgee wrote:Just incase people are not aware of this website:

It will help you and help TheFlow. :D

Thank you for all your hard work Flow. From the 2000 people who viewed this thread and myself... :roll:
I think that site might be better since it has more Vita Shell Themes available than the Github repo, but that's just if TheFlow wants to judge "all" the themes, if he just wants to judge the themes submitted when the contest was announced then the github repo might be the best option.

I personally prefer that more themes are taken into account before choosing “the one”.
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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by PepeCobain »

Great work TheFlow thank you for your hard work :o

for now my favourite theme is first :) from Berion2 it's just amazing
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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell


Great work TheFlow thank you for your hard work ;)
Here is mine

Theme LiveArea™ VitaShell 1.60








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Re: [Design Competition] VitaShell

Post by jotax »

:o great Berion2
good luck

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