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TheFloW, I am sorry.

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TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by OhhShitLeak »

To TheFloW :

Yesterday, as you probably know, I published a link of an old version of Vitamin...

I am unpardonable, I don't ask you to forgive me, of course, you can blame me, insulte me as I fully deserve it..
I did it on a whim, whitout thinking. My intention was not to make you sad (with your ex-team), not at all but as I said I am unforgivable.

I feel sad now, as I see that you are too. But it's probably nothing compared to what you must feel. I am so sorry.

People like you, who work with passion are so rare and important.

I will not make more lines, I just want you to know that I sincerely regret what I did. I am a holy ****, an *****, what ever you want, that's truth.

I wish you the best for the future, sincerely. God bless you.
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by gamr13 »

Nice of you to apologize, but, it's because of this leak that Major_Tom left the Vita scene. You managed to *** off some dang well important devs and also seriously damaged your trustworthy name. But hey, we all **** up from time to time, so I'm not going to blindly hate.
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by CPUzX »

It's a bit late to apologize now.
You should of respected TheFlow, Major Tom & Mr.Gas. A lot of hard work & dedication went into Vitamin, as well as valuable time.
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by AlexxLopaztico02 »

Two words for you:
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by dmaskell92 »

Why wasn't this scum banned?
Does it quit? If not, then it's legit... Too legit.

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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by Bert960 »

dmaskell92 wrote:Why wasn't this scum banned?
Becuz he's pregnant
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by Patrick327 »

Having been in situations where you don't know how bad things can get if you say or do something, I have to believe first, that you had no idea how bad this was going to be if you leaked something that wasn't the final version. Second, if you knew that this was not the final version then perhaps you thought it was ok to leak an early build, we all make mistakes, so lets no throw stones here. I'm happy that TheFlow decided to released the final build, he did the right thing, because like he said, a lot of hard work went into it and it's only right for him to give the people what you promised them. I do not think TheFlow was a cry baby for showing his emotions, it's called being human, I do however think it's a little childish for the rest of the team to just leave just because of one leak, don't share your work with people next time, by leaving you're only punishing the innocent people like me wondering what you have for us next, I hope SMOKE, Major_Tom and mr.gas come back soon, but in my opinion, it's not like we paid for these hacks so you really didn't loose anything by people leaking stuff, just my opinion.
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by xstahsie »

AlexxLopaztico02 wrote:Two words for you:
Don't be a d ick, he's only human. Bet a million dollars you're not perfect. At least he had the ballzz to apologize and own this.
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by AbyssDweller »

No apology to Major Tom or mr. gas? You made Major Tom leave. The guy gave us VitaRW, failmail hacks, and more... and you stab him in the back?

You hurt some of the few people that actually work on vita hacks, and they were all good guys... they didn't deserve this.

Seriously, screw you.
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Re: TheFloW, I am sorry.

Post by MooMooMan »

It wasn't yours to release. You're only saying sorry because your name was mentioned in the article talking about the leak. [profanity] Wololo should have banned you, MajorTom, a person that is MUCH BETTER than you quit because of your [profanity]. You should pay for what you did.
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