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[RELEASE] vitaQuake - Quake port for PSVITA

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Al Capwn
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Re: [RELEASE] vitaQuake - Quake port for PSVITA

Post by Al Capwn »

Noradninja wrote: Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:29 pm Also, found a bug-

Played through the first episode. When returned to the episode selection area, if I walk through the slip gate for episode 2, the game crashes. The log text file says ‘not in the range we’re managing’. If I start a new game and go straight to episode 2, it loads fine. If I select episode 3 or 4 on my saved file with episode 1 beaten, they load fine.
I just finished going through the first episode and I was able to startup the second episode without issue.

Edit: I tried starting over a few times and I've also run into the game closing itself without error message and checking the log and finding the same 'not in the range we're managing.' It doesn't seem to be linked to finishing the first episode as I've had it happen when trying to start E1M8.

Also when playing Dissolution of Eternity when reaching E1M2 I get a C1-12828-1 error, nothing written in the log file. I can post the dump if needed.
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Re: [RELEASE] vitaQuake - Quake port for PSVITA

Post by kingcrimson1920 »

I have this same problem in Disolution....
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Re: [RELEASE] vitaQuake - Quake port for PSVITA

Post by Jolek »

I have notice that recently new res were added (1280x720, 1440x1080, 1920x1080) and check for framebuffer size if it is valid: ... its/master.

So theatrically new version 4.11 should be out?
Does anyone also have a problem with download something from:
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