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List of homebrews and emulators ready for install

HENkaku is a native Homebrew Enabler for the PS Vita and PS TV. It lets you run homebrews on the PS Vita
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List of homebrews and emulators ready for install

Post by humbertosnk »

/***This list is outdated, the last time i edit this post was about in 2017, if you want to know the most recent news about homebrew I suggest you visit the front page ***/ , the main reason for not update this list is because some lamers make troll homebrews that brick the console. Only get homebrews from trusted sources, like this site.

Here is a up to date list -->

Hi, there is the links of homebrews ready to install for HENkaku besides or
In red are the recommended ones. To run this homebrews you need of course or

HENkaku Ensō = Permanent hack
HENkaku = you have to activate it every time you turn on the console (you can use sleep mode with no problem)

Disclaimer: DRM-breaking tool with the obvious goal of piracy are not allowed in this forum, if you ask or post links about Vitamin or MaiDumpTool you will be warned and banned.

HENkaku Update Server, the easy way to update your PS Vita to FW 3.60

Adrenaline - PSP Custom Firmware!!
Adrenaline open source
ePSP bubble installer – ARK/Adrenaline without a PSP game
ePSP Bubble Installer 2.0 – Activation without PSN!
Adrenaline Easy Installer updated for Adrenaline-2
ARK QuickBoot – Load PSP games directly from your LiveArea

HENkaku/taiHEN with PSN spoofing

Homebrew contest for the PS Vita!! :D :D ... t-ps-vita/

taiHEN/taiHENkaku plugins:
uo_amphetamin - A little "patch" for amphetamin
Better Amphetamin Plugin! - Battery Level + Reaming SoT + auto-overclock
rinCheat GekiHEN webpage
--rinCheat Assistant
VITAPluginsManager - Allows to easily activate and deactivate plugins for dumped games on your Vita
TrackPlug - utility to track how long you spend playing each of your dumped games
Viimote - allows you to control your Vita with a WiiMote
DS3Vita - DualShock3 pairing plugin
Oclock Vita - a simple overclocking plugin
ds4Vita - use your DualShock 4 controller with your Vita
AdvRemap plugin – Assign Macros to your Vita’s buttons!
Netcheck Bypass - bypass the psn login check that some games and app do

Use the right analogue stick to control the camera look in PSP games
various games
GTA Remastered Controls Patch
Resistance Remastered Controls Patch
Tomb Raider Anniversary and Tomb Raider Legends
Splinter cell Remastered Controls Patch

Homebrews apps:
Henkaku Offline Installer is Here! DL:
AntiBlacklist - Advanced whitelister homebrew
Vita TV whitelister
AccountSwitcher - app to swap PSN accounts on a single SD card
button swapper - allows you to swap X/O button assignment
memcardswap - swap cards with another Vita or PSTV
Vita Hardware Test
VITATOOLBOX - combined apps in just 1 bubble
VitaCID - get your PS Vita Console ID (IDPS + PSID)
Reboot shortcat - a quick way to reboot the system
Vita activator - Use this to get activation data on a non updated vita DL: ... r/releases
uriCaller - lets you run some “magic” commands from the PS Vita
RegistryEditor - allows you to read and edit all registry settings
--Disable Auto-Dim on Ps Vita with registry editor
Battery Indicator
Simple Text Editor
luaIrc - IRC client for PSVITA
VPK Mirror Direct Installer – install Homebrews directly from your PS Vita
Settings+ - system application manipulation via a replicated and patched module
Vita Calculator
Vita Homebrew Downloader - Download and install VPK files on your Vita without using a computer or a web browser
VITAident - information about your console like firmware and model information
SwitchKaku - switch between taiHENkaku and HENkaku
rinCheat SE - injects any cheats you want to use into your exported save data
ButtonSwap and QR Code Reader
VitaDL - to download files from HTTP links
ONEtranslate - allows you to make use of the Google Translate service
VitaPad++ - a very robust text editor
Vita Homebrew Browser - lets you install homebrew directly from your device
VitaForecast - a Weather app

Vitashell and themes stuff:
Vitashell - for installing apk files, and USB mass storage transfer support
customize Vitashell UI
VitaShell Theme Manager - gui to apply themes for the flow's VitaShell
Vita shell theme repo website
Tema - website that host vita shell themes and live area themes
Entries of VitaShell’s theme contest

Homebrews for remote play stuff:
VitaPad - Transform your PSVITA into a PC joystick
Graphical VitaPad Client - Use your Vita as control
--VitaPadClient-java - java client for VitaPad
Vita Moonlight - REMOTE PLAY FROM STEAM!! :o (need a GeForce videocard)
--Launchapp - A Dumb program to help [Moonlight]
VitaMote for Android – Control your Android device with your PSVita Source: Tutorial
VitaPad - with VJoy support, mimics X360 controller
VitaView – Stream PSVita games to your Android device
PS Vita – PS4 Remote Play without PSN sign-in tutorial
ps4relink – PS4 Remote Play on PS Vita without PSN sign-in homebrew

Homebrews for Vita and PC for make apps, compiling and edit bubbles:
Lua Player Plus Vita (lpp-vita)
--LPP Vita Build Script Mod - modification to the LPP builder script made to prevent the C2-17770-2 error
--Lua Player Plus Builder GUI - allows you to make VPK applications from an LPP-Vita build folder
RayCast3D Engine - 3D Game Engine for lpp-vita
Vita SDK on Windows (PSDK3v3)
[spanish] compilador vpk + el Test LiveArea
Some VPK packer script
Icon/LiveArea BUNDLE for HENkaku
Icon/LiveArea BUNDLE for HENkaku (3.60) + Tutorial
Bubble Studio - app for configure bubbles
Auto-Bubble tool
VitaDump - This homebrew can dump some PS Vita shared modules
mDump 3.60 [vitaDump Fork]
Icons & Backgrounds for Emulators
PSID_Dumper - to prevent scene drama :P
SyringE - Networking for plugins
ONELua Vita
PSP2Shell – Development for the PS Vita made easier
libGXM - Vita’s 3D graphics API
PSP: Custom Firmware M33 source

Homebrews games:
Procedural Planets
Game of life
ReverseMe - an othello clone by TheFlow
Tactic Miner
4Rows - Connect4 game for PSVITA
game psp2048 which is a clone of the famous game 2048
Hendoku - A Sudoku for PS Vita
Flppy Bird
BattleShip arena
Super Hero Chronicles
TextQuest - A simple Vita choose your own adventure text game
vitaWanted - "Wanted!" minigame clone from SM64DS
Chicken Launcher
Labyrinth 3D - First Person 3D Maze solving game
JellyCar Vita
Bernard Chronicles - game based on the same mechanics as Tetris Attack and the Pokémon Puzzle
StarKiller2D - a simple 2D puzzle
PSVita Game of life by domis4
Starfield Vita - you have to dodge stars
Legend of Zelda – ROTH
Project Void – First 3D homebrew game for the PSVita
BlockOut II
ZSOKOBAN – port of the classic Japanese game ‘Sokoban”
OpenSyobon - simple platform game homebrew games:
Pet SameGame
Spider Solitaire
Mine Sweeper

Homebrews ports:
EasyRPG Vita - RPG Maker 2k/2k3 player for PSVITA
Nightlies for EasyRPG
vitaWolfen (Wolfenstein 3D port for PSVITA)
vitaHexenII - Hexen II port for PSVITA
March22 Visual Novel engine for lpp-vita
REminiscence Vita – Play Flashback on your Vita
VOPENTYRIAN - port of the famous game OpenTyrian (2000) sources:
SDLPoP-Vita - a port of Prince of Persia for Vita
Another World - Out of this World on the U.S. and Outer World in Japan
Katawa Shoujo PSVita port
VitaPong Vita
Pong for the PS Vita
Bermuda Vita - Bermuda Syndrome port
Minicraft - one of Notch’s early creations
GNU Robbo – ‘The Adventures of Robbo’ port

RetroArch all cores DL:
Supernintendo - CATSFC-libretro-vita-1.30 - 2-player on PSTV
Supernintendo - CATSFC fast, it get a solid 60 FPS on Yoshi's Island
Supernintendo - Snes9x slow
Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy - realboy-vita
Nintendo DS - DeSmuME by MasterFeizz and xerpi
Sega Genesis - Retroarch Genesis Plus Core
Sega Genesis - Genesis-Plus-GX
NeoGeo Pocket - Neopop
Sega Master System/Game Gear - SMSplusVITA
Atari Lynx - HandyVITA
Game Boy Advance - mGBA source:
UAE4All - emulator of the Amiga 500/1200 computer
Portable Final Burn Alpha - multiple arcade system emulator

Others list of vpks ... d94f9afa1d ... mebrew.32/ ... ks.436535/ ... plications
VitaDB Beta – VPK repository (a la VPKMirror)

Stuff and pc software:
HENkaku server for android. No setup required, just press a button
HENkaku Installer Server with MolecularShell Mod
clone any psp bubble on your vita
PSVita DB Theme Installer 360 - install Custom Themes via FTP in 4 clicks
HENkaku-webserver - for installing HENkaku without internet
Yifanlu releases files for offline hosting
YAHAPP - Android app for Henkaku-enabled PSVita
VitaShell Theme Creator
VitaOrganizer – Install VPKs via FTP
VPKViewer - A tool that view vpk contents in details, with the ability to edit its access permissions and more
FTP PSVita VPK Installer - Allows to install vpks without the need of double space
VPKEditor - give your homebrew LiveArea the makeover you want
St4rkDev - decrypts PKG Files
PSV Windows Explorer extension - VPK Icon Shell Extension
psvimgtools-frontend - A Toolkit for PS Vita 3.63 hacks

Game modding:
GXTConverter - Converter for GXT-format textures used by games for the PlayStation Vita.
Reducing game size by deleting language files and or movies
God of War Collection - Remastered Videos Mod
The Modding Of Isaac: Binding of Isaac Mods ported to PS Vita
Binding of Isaac Mod Conversion Kit
The Modding Of Isaac - one click installer for all the mods
Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (only for testing)
[W.I.P.] plugin / mods for Duke Nukem 3D (Megaton Edition)
Mod better voices into Duke Nukem 3D by Akula
Rayman Origins (only for testing)
Final Fantasy X HD - Undub
God Eater Resurrection Undub
Call of duty: Max Rank, Max Prestige, Unlock all!
Game Shrinker - to help you get rid of padding and useless stuff in your dumped games
IA/VT Modding - Add osu! songs to your game!
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Hacking Thread
World of Final Fantasy cheat plugin
PS Minecraft Resource converter
FIFA MOD 1.0 for PS Vita

Save editors (not .vpks):
How to edit saves
Persona 4 Golden - Save Editor
SuperNova - Phantasy Star Nova save editor
Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Save Hack
FFXED - a extensive savegame editor for Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (all versions not only Vita)
Remumu - Atelier Meruru save editor
Vita Save Manager
Gibbed's Borderlands 2 Save Editor
GoHAN - Savegame editor in chinese language

Translations patches
Taiko Drum Master English Patch
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition English Patch
Kancolle Kai English Patch
Chaos Rings III English Translation Project​
Tear Ring Saga English patch
Evangelion Girlfriend of Steel 2nd English patch
The Fruit of Grisaia English Translation Patch

Useful tips:
QCMA updated, fixes crash with HENkaku
qcma Windows fix
Fast(er)/Offline Transfers To Vita [TUT]
prevent vita updates
ARK for 3.60 released – Also works on 3.61/3
Copying files to the PSVita… via an iOS device (jailbroken)
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Re: List of the first homebrews

Post by gnmmarechal »

Hum, loading a WAD with Doom makes it crash. I wonder why.
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Re: List of the first homebrews

Post by Prelude1221 »

Thanks for the links. I've got the SNES emulator running but when I go to my ROMS they don't show up. I've left them in a zipped format but I'm assuming they have to be unzipped to access? Previous emulators, even on the PSP, allow you to play straight from the zipped file. Is there a way to set them up like this or are we forced to use the unzipped files for now?
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Re: List of the first homebrews

Post by Lion_Amongst_Men »

You can put them in there own folder directory but short answer is no, zips wont show your files.
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Re: List of the first homebrews

Post by h4x0rgt »

Awesome, I learn how to install the homebrew today, And I cant describe the happiness to see all this emulators running on Vita :mrgreen:
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Re: List of the first homebrews

Post by Prelude1221 »

Lion_Amongst_Men wrote:You can put them in there own folder directory but short answer is no, zips wont show your files.
Well that's a shame but at least it's working and it seems great! I tested Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and it ran smooth with no issues. Time to get the rest of them on it. It's great how easy they have made this.
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Re: List of the first homebrews

Post by Prelude1221 »

You can keep the zipped folders for Genesis though. Mine didn't work when they were unzipped. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and it's working great!
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Re: List of the first homebrews

Post by humbertosnk »

Prelude1221 wrote:You can keep the zipped folders for Genesis though. Mine didn't work when they were unzipped. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and it's working great!
For Genesis, the emulator ONLY read zip files :lol:
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Re: List of the first homebrews ready for install

Post by humbertosnk »

Wolfmade wrote:
humbertosnk wrote:More at

Hey, that's my site! Thanks for sharing. It's still a rough WIP but at least some of them are there.
Thanks to you for the site ;)
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Re: List of the first homebrews ready for install

Post by Thekiller77 »

Thanks for the list dude

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