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[RELEASE] Lua Player Plus Vita MOD

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[RELEASE] Lua Player Plus Vita MOD

Post by Applelo »

It is a MOD of Lua Player Plus Vita because I wanted to add features and develop in Lua on my Vita.
Version 0.1 :
  • Switch to VitaSDK and update libs
  • System.getLanguage()
  • System.getSize()
  • System.getMacAddress()
  • System.getTime()
  • System.getIpAddress()
  • Menu update (read folder with script.lua inside)
  • System.exit() can now exit the lua player
  • Controls.readTouch() multitouch support
Download : ... es/tag/0.1
Source :

All Lua Player Plus Vita functions are detailed in the Wiki :

—Works thanks to—

Lua Player Plus Source by Rinnegatamante
Vita2DLib & FTPVita by xerpi
VitaSDK by a lot of Vita Dev


Rinnegatamante for his authorization to use his code
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Re: [RELEASE] Lua Player Plus Vita MOD

Post by Camxpspx123 »

why making a new topic ? you only added like , 3-4 functions thats can be found by opening the vitasdk/header files, you could have just contacted Rinnegatamente and send him these functions to add to his project ...

Or, How to take the notoriety from another dev who did an awesome work @Rinnegatamante
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Re: [RELEASE] Lua Player Plus Vita MOD

Post by Applelo »

Ok and shut
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Re: [RELEASE] Lua Player Plus Vita MOD

Post by Rinnegatamante »

Opensource projects are made just cause forks to improve the project are possible. At the moment, i'm not interested on updating lpp-vita since i think PSVITA scene is dead and userbase is pratically absent. AppleIo also contacted me on Twitter to tell me about this fork so i don't see where's the problem since he also properly credited me.

It's not the first time someone releases an lpp mod also, just check for example the "LUA PLAYER Plus Creatertainment Mod r165m1 " ( viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12177 ) for the PSP version of our interpreter.

We (me and NaNNi) are really glad when someone think to start such projects since it means we can always merge their code to our maincode if necessary and it also means that the project will still be updated without our intervention.
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Re: [RELEASE] Lua Player Plus Vita MOD

Post by Macrey »


Aaahhw cute little angry grumpy men ! I'm sure if you had done in his place, you will tell anyone and just sent a mail to the developer. By imagine that you are able to do the same. :D

Come on, boy. Just get back give some red thumbs on Youtube Minecraft video.

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