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Doom for Vita WIP

Rejuvenate is a native homebrew platform for PS Vita. Read more about Rejuvenate here.
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Doom for Vita WIP

Post by meetpatty »

Hello all,

Just a little tease of what I have been working on for the last week. It is a port of Doom-PSP by lantus/StereoMike et al. It is by no means stable/without bugs/playable but I am just happy to have it running at all. Most noticeably Wall textures are not being rendered correctly, some control issues and there is no sound yet but it's a start!


Put WADs into cache0:VitaDefilerClient/Documents/WADS/
Tested with doomu.wad and doom2.wad

Get it here: ... sp=sharing
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Re: Doom for Vita

Post by UnLuck3R »

Nice work :D
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by Warft »

Looks really god, thanks!
sega dude
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by sega dude »

I am so happy to see this! I really wanted someone to do this. Thanks so much!! :D
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by fate6 »

Wait Doom running natively on the Vita? Well it's official! The Vita has been hacked! All we need now is a calculator .D
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by Taronish3 »

Calculate r is in a office psm app.
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by wololo »

fate6 wrote:Wait Doom running natively on the Vita? Well it's official! The Vita has been hacked!
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by Omega2058 »

Seeing this puts a smile on my face. Keep it up, OP. C:
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by swit »

Nice. Out of curiosity is there an advantage for Doom-PSP by lantus/StereoMike compared to PSP DOOM Legacy v4 - ported by kgsws, updated by Duke and Sunray? I've played the latter recently and it has free aim, supports jumping and analog aiming, multiplayer, no framerate issues. In fact I've completed whole Doom 1 on Vita with it (movement on arrows, free aiming assigned to right analog). Never tried Doom-PSP.

Hopefully your project won't discourage others from porting GZDoom or Zandronum engines for Vita. After playing Brutal Doom recently I think I won’t be able to enjoy vanilla gameplay anymore. Just look at this beauty :)
I recommend any Doom fan to at least try it on PC or other devices (there is GZDoom on Android)
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Re: Doom for Vita WIP

Post by starglad »

wow, nice dude
hope you keep up the good work
I've noticed that if we press down twice(the one which change weapons) it bugs and we can't use punch and gun anymore
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