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[OPEN] 3.60 henkaku Vita and CFW PS3 owned PSN Vita games

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 2:18 pm
by PrimusZa1
Before I jail-broke my PS3 I downloaded all the games and DLC I owned for the Vita and PS3. The PS3 stuff was installed and updated before I did the jailbreak so that is not an issue. As for the Vita games I could not transfer to the vita as it was already hacked and when I tried to hook the 2 together it wants me to sign up for PSN on my cfw PS3. I know I can FTP all the Vita stuff off the ps3, but can I install it to the vita after that ? The folders have a .pkg, a couple of .pdb files, and the icon file.

Thanks in advance.