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Arcade Stick PSTV

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Arcade Stick PSTV

Post by Gerber »

Is there any way to make it work?, I have 2 Mad Catz TE for PS3 but the usb port on the playstation TV doesn't recognize them, I know it only works on USB 1.1 or 3.0 because the input doesn't work on my PC USB 2.0 ports, therefore will it ever work due to hardware limitations?, or is there a magic driver which does the trick?.

Thank you
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Re: Arcade Stick PSTV

Post by psp_revival »

The Mayflash universal adapter works.

I am using a PS1 stick with it and usb sticks should work as shown in the product images.

There is a newer more expensive blue version of the adapter for PS4 and Xbone whether that works I dont know.
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