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[SOLVED] ARC Bubble No Games

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[SOLVED] ARC Bubble No Games

Post by NarutoMatt »

I followed the tutorial, I used SignFakeNPExpert instead of SignToolbySkiller104
In SignFakeNPExpert I turned on Use Compression, Save Small Base Header and Use Fakenp Mode, Im using 101-in-1 Megamix and the NP.ISO (came with the ARC folder)

I used with the following

Basegame Disc ID:
NPUH10088 (My Base Game)

Bubble name:

Fake TitleId:


Sent email to myself

Restarted vita

Tried to open the New bubble, got an error then I tried the original base game and said I need to activate it, so I went to Qcma and copied over my basegame again.

launched the New bubble again, ARC loads but goes to a Screen that says NO GAMES...

I haven't used Arc Before lol, so Im not sure what to do now lolol

Edit - Installed VitaFTP and it works, If I can't open the Arc bubble because C1-2749-2 error, copying over my basegame backup from pc makes it work again.
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Re: ARC Bubble No Games

Post by qwikrazor87 »

All you need to do now is install the homebrew and games of your choice.
Once you have them installed that message won't show up.
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Re: ARC Bubble No Games

Post by NarutoMatt »

Thanks qwikrazor87, Going to try now :)
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Re: [SOLVED] ARC Bubble No Games

Post by NoOne »

Hey Naruto, I am using the same game(megamix) for ark. But the problem is I can't transfer my homebrews with vita ftp. It shows an error. Is there any other way to transfer homebrews?
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